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    Hunting Medical Insurance

    I'm travelling from Canada to Montana for an elk hunt in September, Does anyone have a suggestion on the best travel /medical insurance coverage. Most travel insurance companies have exclusions for participating in "high risk" activities which hunting seems to fall into. Not wanting to...
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    Horse Packers in

    Hi there; Looking at an Elk Hunt this fall in South west Montana, (Unit 320, 322, 330).  Just wondering if anyone has any leads on a horse packer that could be hired to pack out an elk, in case I'm successful.  I've looked around but haven't found any leads. Really not looking at doing multiple...
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    Dealing with left overs in Grizzly Country

    Hi There Looking at planning my first Elk hunt in Montana this fall (COVID and Draw results willing).  Looking at the south west of Montana, which is Grizzly Country.  Have lots of experience camping in Black bear country, so hanging your food stuff and separate cooking area is pretty standard. ...

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