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    Mystery Ranch Metcalf Nice frame

    Selling my metcalf, color is coyote. Pack is like new condition and bombproof, has liftkit as well as lid. Couple blood stains, no stink. $375
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    decoy or no

    SW Montana/OTC  Bulls seem to be quite for the first couple weeks in my area. If i can not locate a bull this weekend i am going to set up and do some cold calling. Guys with experience using decoys id like to hear your input. I picked up a montana decoy this offseason, every elk is going to be...
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    How have you been hunting the wapiti?

    I look up to hunters twice and three times the age of me and aw at some of their memories from back in the day. I am 25, have been hunting since age 12, but it became a passion when i graduated high school. Would love to hear how long you guys have been at it.
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    2015 Speed Goat Dirt Naps?

    Anyone laying the carbon(or aluminum) to the pronghorn?
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    How do you hunt your elk

    Would like to hear everyone's general "play" on elk. I scout/hang cameras in summer time and have been hunting the same area going on three years now. I am fortunate to know over the years where elk bed and wallows in the area. I go strait for these areas during the hunt to see if any...
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    Any one shooting the TAC?

    Anyone shot or shooting the upcoming Total Archery Challenge this year?

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