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    Let’s talk 2023

    I'm a resident so have time, but still have issues getting the unit I prefer as it is capped and sells out in hours. So being a working guy depending on schedule the day they go on sale it can be a nightmare to get in line in time.
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    Corey Colorado?

    So you teased everyone throughout DE5, even sat behind the rack for the round up episode that I thought you said came from that hunt. Do we ever get to see the footage?
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    Let’s talk 2023

    Figure 10-15% chance for Utah, Idaho OTC. Was debating if I should do bear or not...but realized I have a 17 yr old daughter that works, school, and has a serious boyfriend so I better get her out while I can! She got her first bear three years ago and just hasn't made it out since. If I get...
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    Let’s talk 2023

    Depending on Utah's new plan I think I'll be about 25% drawing. OTC Idaho as usual, local if I draw Utah. Will drive to new scenery if not.
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    Video of daughters first bear
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    2020 Other big game meat pole

    Time to get this rolling
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    Daughters first

    Daughter got a black bear.  First big game animal, one shot with a muzzleloader only went 30 yards!
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    Anybody else get "Noted"

    Watching DE seeing Corey get another note left made me wonder how often it happens.  Got a good one this year left on my buddies truck ranting about my buddies calls and how he was chasing all the elk off.  Granted my buddy isn't Corey and does have a distinct younger sounding bugle with no...
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    Bear video

    Finally put my footage together.  2018 was pretty unexpected, as I was just helping friends but ended up getting two good bears both filmed solo.
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    Clips from buddies LE Utah hunt

    Had some great encounters, but unable to fill his tag.  Two of the better bulls we only needed about 10 more yards to get into his effective range.
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    Utah just called

    I shared a handful of points with a great mentor of mine on a Wasatch LE tag and didn't draw.  Utah just called and one tag was turned in and we were next in line.  He has a couple decades experience on me and just a few points so he gets the tag.  Can't wait to help him.  He is one of the 10%...
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    Lost bow 2016

    Buddy picked up a bow Idaho archery 2016 that appeared to be left on top of a rig when someone drove off and it did make it to the final destination.  Anyone pm me with details of location and bow we'll get it to you.
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    2016 Meatpole?

    Well everyone is out hunting I guess I'll get this started.  First morning called to 30 yards.  Called and packed all solo OTC DIY Idaho.
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    1st Ironman to fight Epilepsy

    On August 21st I am competing in my first full Ironman to honor my son Conner and raise money for The Danny Did Foundation that is helping to prevent deaths from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy Patients).  Please take a minute to read my story and read about Danny Did.  If you have...
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    Full Draw Tour is rolling

    Full Draw is starting around the west this week!  Some of the best hunting filmmakers on the big screen.
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    motivate my first marathon

    First I would put this under training, but I know I don't look at that till atleast december. I am attempting my first marathon trying to raise some much needed funds for a camp for families that have lost children called Parker's Place. It is the only grief camp in the west for families, and...
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    Budget boots

    Wondering what people wear under $150.  Little out of my league if you read any reviews on boots the starting mark seems to be $250 and up.  Wondering if everyone that works for Extreme elk, or Elk Hunter magazine have a budget or they get them free for doing reviews.  And yes I realize the...

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