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    Let’s talk 2023

    I'm definitely interested in hearing what you have to offer!
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    Headed to 61 in 2023. Can you share your experience? Maybe some intel? I'll be making a...

    Headed to 61 in 2023. Can you share your experience? Maybe some intel? I'll be making a scouting trip in spring but hoping someone can give me a head start.
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    Let’s talk 2023

    I got a NR Island Park A tag for 2023. Hunted Sawtooth last year. Like last year, I'll be making a trip up to scout. I have some local intel but always looking for more. I'll be gathering all the data and putting together a plan. If anybody has intel they would like to share, I'd definitely...
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    Idaho Sawtooth B Tag

    2022 sawtooth B tag.  I have heard all the negative comments in a different forum so if you have nothing positive to add please keep them to yourself.  I have been doing all the e-scouting, physical training, gathering gear, etc...  I have a good Idea what I'm in for.  I have not yet set foot in...
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    Havalon 60 vs 115

    I have a havalon with 60 XT blades.  I love it but seems just a tad short.  I see they have a 115 blade that is longer.  Two questions, anyone have experience with both of these? Second, will the 115 fit my handle.
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    Nevada DIY - 1st Archery Harvest

    First let me say that I am truely greatful to have the opportunity to harvest such a magestic animal.  I'm a rookie when it comes to Archery hunting and Elk hunting.  Only been on one other elk hunt and I wasn't the hunter.  It took me 14 years to draw a resident tag here in Nevada but I knew I...
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    Dual or Solo Cam?

    Been reading some about this but couldn't hurt to ask again.... I was considering a new Creed but met a guy shooting a monster and it made me think a little?  I like the idea of a light weight bow.  My 2008 Xforce seems a little heavy and I might be due for an upgrade.
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    Vortex razor HD vs non HD

    Been seeing some great prices on pre owned vortex razor 10x42 binos and wanted to know if the new hd versions are worth the extra 500+
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    3D shooting

    Just recently started shooting 3D targets.  It almost pisses me off to no end how tough it is to remove some arrows. Is there a secret I don't know about?  I have tried the arrow snot but not much easier.
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    paper tuning?

    How many paper tune their bows?  and if so do you see a big difference in the performance of your bow? I've heard some feedback from local archers that suggest that paper tuning is a waste of time?  Seems logical to do but after doing some research on how to do it I ran into one post that said...
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    Vortex razor hd

    Just visited the vortex booth at elk camp here in Las Vegas.  Looked through all models of binoculars and the razor hd's will compete with all the top glass out there at about a 40%-50% savings.  Add that to the warrantee and I believe you'll have a winner.  Great glass, very clear and captured...
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    Elk camp 2013

    Just got back from the expo. Lots of cool stuff out there.  Watch a cool 3d shoot.  Good times.  Talking with all the outfitter groups is always fun.  Only one I didn't like was a elk "trophy" high fence place.  Fair chase only way for me.  Not even real interested in all the private land...
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    Spot Hogg

    Never shot one but have been looking to try a 5 or more pin sight.  I see a lot of you love spot Hogg.  I like the reviews touting its toughness.  What purpose is the vertical wire in the sight window?
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    Anybody try or have experience with the Field Logic IQ sight

    I'm interested in hearing real life reviews of this sight.  I guess I'm really interested in the retina portion of this sight.  Does it improve your groups?  Can you go peepless using it? In the market for a 5 or more pin sight and want to make sure I have checked them all out. Leading the...
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    Vortex ranger 1000 rangefinder

    Well I was in the market for a rangefinder and I wanted one for bow and rifle hunting.  Without doing due diligence I ordered a vortex ranger 1000.  Mainly because of their reputation and warrantee.  What do you guys think?  Did I do ok.
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    Extreme elk spring edition article

    ???Don't have it with me to quote but did anyone else have a problem with the guys who shot the elk the articles writer had shot the day before and was tracking? 
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    AAE DOA drop away rest

    Seriously about to pull the trigger on a drop away rest.  Narrowed down to DOA or QAD HDX.  Anybody have experience with DOA?
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    Hot Days and Long Pack Out?

    What would you do if you didn't think you could pack all the elk out without some of the meat spoiling due to heat?
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    Shot show

    I have been wanting to go for years and still haven't found my way in.  I usually get promised a pass but then it falls through for some reason or another.  I am right here just a few miles away.... :'( Anybody with an extra pass that wants to give it up please let me know!
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    How important is a stabilizer?  I haven't shot without mine but had heard some people hunt without one....

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