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  1. J

    Got my apps in..

    I put my in as well for Colorado o PP. going to be out at sea the next two seasons unfortunately. But I retire from the navy in Oct 2026. Will move back home around the spring. I have 19 PP for elk now but don’t think I’ll ever catch up to hunt 201. Sucks
  2. J

    Corey Colorado?

    I missed when David was their marketing guy. Used to make things so simple. Sort of glad I am out of the video stuff now. Really got to where it was more of a hassle. Still love my Sitka though lol
  3. J

    Let’s talk 2023

    Well I got my preference points lol.
  4. J

    Let’s talk 2023

    Not sure about this year. Will be transferring to my new duty station for my last tour in this damn 35 year boat club. I check in august 1st so going to just put in and pray for the best
  5. J

    Wish more people posted

    With Facebook and all the other crap websites, it really takes away from the great forum that used to be here and I got rid of Facebook and Instagram about two years ago. Wish more folks would see the value in these old forums. Rant done lol
  6. J

    2022 Hunt Update Thread

    Back home and now getting everything ready for my second rifle deer hunt in area 2. Can’t wait for that. Another 18 hours in the truck coming up the 26th
  7. J

    2022 Hunt Update Thread

    Been hunting since the 18th. Ran into two cows and one bull. The bull just didn’t work out. Yesterday I did a nine mile loop through a two year old burn (it sucked). There was so much blowdown. Seen a lot of moose. Called in 2 hunters tonight but I figured they would be catch and release. I’m...
  8. J

    Draw status

    Yeah I have 17 for elk now. I don’t think I’ll ever catch up to get a tag to 201
  9. J

    Draw status

    Also got my elk tag. One of my buddies did not. Hmm not sure what to do
  10. J

    Where is everyone?

    I did get my area 2 tag for deer this year. I got a preference point for elk to place towards 201 in the future. Hoping I picked up my second choice for that. A few of us are doing a drop camp in 71
  11. J

    Draw status

    I drew my area 2 deer tag after 17 years. Still waiting to see if I got my second choice after preference points for elk
  12. J

    Draw status

    Sure seems like they are taking their sweet time this year to release the draw results. Last year the deer tags were at least out the 24th of May. This year nada. Sort of funny since it is all computerized now it they should be released within a week.
  13. J

    Where is everyone?

    Man, this place is dead. I miss the daily conversations in here. Facebook has ruined the old way of chatting with each other. Glad I got rid of Facebook, but this place was the place to go to find out info on draws etc.
  14. J

    Heater that works in high country

    Hey all, Trying to find a heater to use that will be good at higher elevation. The crappy Mr. Heater buddy I have heard does now work. Will be running the heater on super low throughout the night to ensure my water etc does not freeze. What do you have?
  15. J

    Welp, just dropped 17 points on a deer tag

    After 17 years of saving deer points I put in for area 2 2nd rifle. I have not hunted with a rifle forever, but I?m afraid this is going to be my father-n-laws last hunt. We have both been saving for a tag in his old stomping ground and have enough points now. He?s 83 and has a slow form of...
  16. J

    Flat Toos Wilderness guides

    Was thinking of doing a drop camp with the company in the subject. Anyone have any experience with them?
  17. J


    So I have used lowa boots forever. I am not sure the name of the pair that I have, but I have worn them since at least 2007. This year had to be the first year and all of that time that my feet actually got cold. I was wondering, if over a bit of time they start to degrade or is it just my age LOL
  18. J

    Area 201

    So, I was looking over the stats from last year today for area 201. It seems the success went way down. I have 15 points and as of last year it took 22. Making me wonder if I?m wasting my time.
  19. J

    2021 meat pole?

    Well I finally reset my password to log in here lol. Been so damn busy that I have not had time to do anything. Trying a new area this year since my second choice when drawing after pref points was unsuccessful (although there were 20 tags in the second draw  :? ). Just wanted to see if you all...
  20. J


    The results should be out soon I would think especially with them listing the leftover on the 5th.

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