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    Elk Hit List

    Here is my hit list for Idaho General Archery season
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    Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest CLOSED

    If you are hunting Idaho in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest it is closed to all people due to fire.  Just FYI
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    Hunting recently burned out areas

    Last year a friend of mine had good success in an area that had burned a month before season.  I was thinking about giving it a shot this year but didnt know what would draw bulls to a recently burned area.
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    Semi-Silent Bulls

    Last year I hunted an area in Idaho with a large wolf population.  The bulls would only bugle for the first 20 minutes of light and then were silent for the rest of the day.  The has numerous meadows and lots of water.  I attempted to get close to the bulls and challenge them but they would turn...
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    Idaho unit 15' Elk City zone

    anyone ever hunt unit 15 idaho? If so how did you like the unit? Would it be worth my time checking it out?
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    Trail Camera Attractant

    Does any put attractants out in front of their trail cameras? If so what do you use and what works best for you? I have been looking at Trophy Rocks and may possibly go with them this year. Also every state is different legality wise. I know Idaho you can use attractants in front of your game...
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    Wolf hunting Idaho

    I'm looking for an area in idaho that has an outrageous amount of wolves, preferably central, south or eastern idaho.. Myself and some fellow police officers would like to assist in the eradication of the wolf population. Any info would be great.
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    having some trouble

    I'm hunting the McCall unit in Idaho and it's freaking hot. Around 75 to 80 during the day so the rut hasn't hit full swing. The elk are on fire first thing as daylight starts coming up but go silent around 8 am. Then I don't hear a bugle for the rest of the day till Bout 15 mins before dark...
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    Idaho Unit 25

    Anyone ever hunted this unit for elk?  what did you think of it? or has anyone ever hunted anything in the unit?
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    Idaho sawtooth zone

    Anyone ever have any luck in the sawtooth zone unit 34 for archery elk? How does the wolf population look?
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    Unit 42 archery deer draw

    Has anyone hunted unit 42 for archery deer draw? I live in unit 41 so I'm not far away but didn't know if it was worth my time? Any info is helpful. Thanks
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    2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo

    I'm looking for the Serving Specs for the 2014 Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo with #2 Cams?
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    Idaho 19a archery

    Has anyone ever hunted 19a?  Just wanting to know if its worth my time to check out this unit?  Been hunting the Weiser unit and did alright but too many people are starting to show up.
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    Mountain lion hunting

    Has anyone hunted lion in unit 41 or 42 in idaho?
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    If your on facebook and looking for a place to share your photos, information and meeting new people then click on the link provided.  Its a great page for hunters, fishermen and trappers.
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    Opening Day in Idaho

    It is now opening day for OTC Archery Elk and Deer.  Unfortunately i am sitting here at work and i wont be getting any days off until the 11th.  This is tough for me to even concentrate at work knowing i cant got hunt until my time off.  What a bummer.  But on a lighter note, Good Luck to...
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    176 Sheep killed by wolves near Victor, Idaho

    Heres a link to an article about 176 sheep killed by wolves here in the state of Idaho.
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    Trail camera pics

    Well I went out and got my trail camera since my unit is burning down. I was surprised to see some cow elk, bear, doe and fawn plus a couple bucks.  No bull elk but that's ok. Hopefully my unit doesn't burn up too bad where I won't be able to hunt it.
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    Boots on the ground

    Tomorrow i will be headed out with my 8 year old step son to do some scouting.  It will be his first time introduced to hunting. He is very excited to spend time in the woods.  I know i will not be able to get all the scouting i want in but just having my son with me makes it that much better. I...
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    Idaho archery antelope

    Got drawn for an idaho archery antelope tag for unit 40, 41, 42. It's an unlimited archery tag unit but still excited. Good thing I live in unit 41 and know where the big speed goats are located.

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