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    Got my apps in..

    I’ve got New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming in! It’s been since 2020 since I’ve chased a bull. I’m hoping to change that this year.
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    Any whitetail down this season?

    Great job, Ribo!
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    2024 Elk plans?

    It’s never too early to start talking about this talk, so what are your plans for 2024? I’ve got 9 Wyoming points I’m probably burning. Then I’ll apply for New Mexico like always. How about you?
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    2023 Elk

    Well done!
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    Any whitetail down this season?

    A few more
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    Any whitetail down this season?

    It’s been a pretty good season so far. I’ve shot a goofy buck and 4 does. My daughter also shot her first deer which was amazing. How about y’all?
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    Draw status

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    Where is everyone?

    Congrats Jason!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day for you haha Also for your 201!
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    New Mexico draws

    I didn?t draw an elk tag, but was lucky enough for archery mule deer and antelope.  How about everyone else?
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    Re: 2021 Hunt Update Thread

    My first rifle tag was a success in November
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    AZ CC hits?

    Anyone have a hit from AZ game and fish yet?
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    Florida archery buck

    Even to this day it still blows my mind that I can chase rutting bucks in February.  On Feb 2nd I was able to put down this cool buck on a super fun hunt.  I was sitting in an area that I had a feeling would be active and it didn?t disappoint me.  The first few hours of the morning I saw...
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    Re: 2019 Other Big Game Hunting - meat pole

    Thanks Brad! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gerber Knife giveaway!

    Good morning everyone! On this Free Gear Friday we are giving away a Gerber "Fastball" Knife (color: black) Entry is easy: Simply tell us what hunts you have planned for 2020 in a comment below and you are entered! A winner will be selected at 700PM MST! GOOD LUCK!  :thewave:
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    Another giveaway

    Happy #freegearfriday everyone [emoji108] If you want to get into today?s awesome giveaway, please check out This contest will run until 8/29, don?t miss out! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What's more important to you?

    If you had one option for the rest of your elk hunting career which would it be? In the perfect world where you could get away with this, which would you prefer..... A) Scout a unit a couple times (2-4x) before a hunt and hunt for 7 days B) Not be able to scout a unit at all prior to the hunt...
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    Crossover stabilizer giveaway Anyone looking to try out a wonderful @crossoverstabilizer stabilizer? What better way to try than winning one of them from our Elk101 store giveaway! [emoji106] Just follow the link and get signed up to win 1 of the 6 @crossoverstabilizer 1233s. This...
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    2019 Elk season MEAT POLE!

    The season is coming in quick.... it's time to get ol faithful started :D
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    Re: What did you do today to work towards your 2019 season?

    Today was legs and 46 minutes of cardio and core.  Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Fourth of July!

    Have a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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