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    What have you done today to better yourself for September?  I ran for 35 minutes on the eliptical before work and then pushed the baby in the stroller for a 2 and a half mile run/walk with pretty good elevation change.
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    Sweet Tooth

    Ok.  I am pushing myself with my workouts, and trying to eat better.  I have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth.  Does anyone have any tricks or something to help me out.  Found a couple atkins bars and sugar free cookies that are ok.  Just wondering if there were any other "CRAVERS" on here that might have...
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    Used Bows

    What is your take on buying used bows?  I would like a new bow but it just may not be in the budget this year.  I can get a top of the line bow(2 years ago z7) completly set up for half the cost of a new rig this year.  Just wondering how many people save thier money and buy used rather than new.
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    Two Blade Broadheads

    How many compound shooters use 2 blade broadheads?  I have been shooting traditional for the last few years and have used two blades.  Plan on re-entering the compound world but would like to see about using the same broadheads and arrows for both bows so that I don't have to buy a bunch more...
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    Range finder- Friend or Foe?

    After I bought my first range finder I thought I would never leave home without it.  I have rarely ever used it other than playing with it at camp or messing a round.  It seems I am never in a situation that allows for much time or extra movement.  So the question is how many of you use it...
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    This site is great!

    My wife says I am addicted!  She is wondering if I met some woman online! :D
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    Bad Knees?

    Anyone on here figure out a good work out with bad knees?  I prefer to run, but a couple days of that, and then my knees start aching.  The eliptical just bores me to death, I can only tolerate it if I'm watching hunting videos.  I have made it work by bouncing back and forth but just wondering...
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    Tips on placing Camera for best results?

    I got a game camera for xmas and was wondering if any of you trailcam junkies have any tips for a newbie to the whole trailcam game.
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    What state?

    Being from Oregon, any elk is a good trophy.  What state would you guys recommend for a chance at a good bull(6pt) that is OTC or able to draw about every other year?  Don't want honey holes, just suggestions.  I don't need 340 bulls or anything just good 5-6 point bulls.
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    I have the hardest time trying to understand what drives poachers?  If it is meat because they are hungry is the only one that makes sense.  But most seem to be after horns.  Honestly most of the ones I have seen, are killed at a time that easy to kill, IE at night with spot lights, or out of...
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    Archery Frontal Shots Poll

    I know this will stir the pot ;D  but I for one was a never until recently, just wondering what peoples thoughts are.

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