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    Communicating between partners. Hand signals? Noises? Etc

    What?s everyone do when I?m calling setups or going in silent to communicate with their hunting partners? What works well? What doesn?t/hasn?t?
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    Rain Gear time

    So I?m looking into a rain gear layer.  SO many options. Of course the major brands come to mind in the hunting industry. Kuiu, FL, Sitka, Skre... Anyways, does anyone have any good recommendations for a solid rain layer that isn?t one of these brands? My ideal layer is quiet, packable and has...
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    Diamond Outlaw FS $300

    Diamond Outlaw bare bow for sale. New strings with 50-60 arrows on it.  Great shooting bow. Adjustable draw weight and length $300
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    Thrive to be your BEST Challenge

    My local Missoula MT Archery shop, Straight6 Archery, is posting this challenge - Thrive to be your best. (Copied from site) Thrive to be your best is going to be a 6 week wight loss competition. We wanted to bring you this friendly competition in a way to prepare everyone for the upcoming...
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    What?s your opinion on base layers?

    Just a general census here. What does everyone prefer for Archery elk season with say a temp difference 30-75?  Merino? Synthetic?  What brands stand out or work best for you? Myself I like merino.  I got a set of the cheapie Costco paradox merino lightweight base layers for bottom and they...
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    Recommend a Shelter/Tarp/Tent

    Hypothetical type question. If someone had $400 and told you to buy a tarp shelter, tent or tipi/pyramid shelter what would you buy and why? Or for the money would you recommend hammock and fly/shelter? Specifics: Elk hunting early to mid season. Weather lows of 20 high of 80 possible...
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    Montana Hunters Res/Non who we got?

    How many we have from Montana?  How many we have hoping to hunt Montana this year?
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    Day 1 brother called in a...

    Day 1- brother hiked in to a nice big bowl area with images of a good bull on camera hangin in a wallow.  Hiked in 2-3 hours before daylight as the bowl doesn't lend well if you're not in place by any ounce of daylight. Let's out a series of lost calf/cow calls a few times at shooting time, real...
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    Forest fire and the effects on Elk

    Taking a general census of what you folks have noticed as the effect on elk in prior years.  What have you noticed they do? Act? What's the same/different behaviorally? I do understand that it depends on area etc but I'm just looking for any behavioral tips.  The area I'm hunting is fairly...
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    Elk calling scenario

    Ok so I've been listening to various podcasts and watching videos etc.  One common factor I see is in the setup.  You've located got your shooter in position and you're the caller. You've got a nice bull with some cows and you're trying to lure him in to your setup with some cow talk and bugling...
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    For those that backcountry bivy camp

    I'd like to know what Tent, Sleeping bag, pad you use.  What do you like about the product?  I'm thinking of upgrading or purchasing new gear as the gear I have has been well loved. My backpacker tent will be my daughters to use when we camp now and the pad just doesn't seem adequate and my...
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    Do we have any shed hunters among us?

    If so let's see those shed pics!  I love getting out and finding big old burly sheds as much as possible.  We have some winter ranges around and when they open the gates it's like immediate chaos. I've never seen so many adults run through the woods, literally on foot bikes horses with shed...
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    Top 3 pieces of gear you hunt with

    What are they and why do you like these select pieces of gear. Aside from your bow or rifle Mine are my Mystery Ranch Metcalf pack.  Absolutely amazing.  The weight in it doesn't seem like the weight you're carrying.  Rugged tough and unbeatable in the pack game. Secondly my tech clothing. I...
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    Mountain top, Midslope or bottom- Bivy camp

    With only a few weeks to go until the Montana opener I've been looking at where would be a good bicycle camp spot for myself and hunting partner to camp out the third week of Sept. First here is what I've been thinking. Mudslide with 1-2 mile walk (camp only 2 miles from trailhead/truck). This...

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