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    Weights for pack training

    What do folks use?  Right now, I have a 40 lb bag of salt.
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    Altitude meds

    I'm heading to Colorado for OTC.  My GMU ranges from 9000 to 11000 feet.  I'll probably camp at 9,500 feet. I'm coming from Wisconsin. How concerned should I be about altitude sickness? What should I do to minimize risks? Do the meds like those from Wilderness Athlete work?
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    Summer range vs Summer Concentration Range

    Hello, I\'m having a great time exploring on the Colorado Hunting Atlas put out by Colorado Parks and Wildlife: It will show various elk ranges. (Map layers and legends window and expand \"Game Species\" tab). I have been...
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    HOW to elk hunt?

    So, I\'m an absolute beginner. I\'ve never even seen an elk. How do you elk hunt? I mean specifically. I have a StartMyHunt map coming. Now what? Do I approach from downwind calling like a cow? Bugling like a bull? Do I find a good spot and just glass? I know how to hunt deer: Find...
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    Colorado - which week?

    I\'ve read several threads on this question and I still can\'tmake up my mind? - Early season: will you hear any bugles? For my first elk hunting trip, hearing bugles is one of my top priorities - Mid season: how bad will the muzzleloader crowds be? As a newbi, I don\'t think I can...
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    Hunting near the road

    I\'ve heard folks say that great areas can be found 1/2 to 1 1/2 mile from the road. If they go 1/2 mile, they get away from a lot of the hunters. If they go more that 1 1/2 miles, they run into the beasts and guys with horses. That makes sense. So, now what? How do you scout these areas...

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