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    nonresident wyoming

    me and a buddy are saving some points we will have 6 points when we go in two years, we want to go there next year on a cow hunt. does anyone have any recommendations on where to start or units to look into. we don't care about the bears and wolves so we are open to anyplace. thanks for any...
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    Firstlite chugach work shirt.

    I am selling my firstlite chugach work shirt it is a size large it is brand new nothing wrong with it I just like my other firstlite shirt better and don't need this one. It is in ASAT camo. Asking $150
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    What stove to buy?

    Looking at buying a jetboil or something of the sorts just wanted some input on what you guys are using and pros and cons of each.
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    HSUS Support .......dropping Here is a link showing how the support is dropping.
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    What do i need in my day pack?

    im wondering whay you think i need in my day pack for my first elk hunt this fall. i will be hunting around 11000' and base camp will be around two miles away and at 9500'. i dont want to take lots of extra junk along so im asking all of you for your expert opinions. also i will be carrying the...
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    HHA Sights

    I just wanted to say that they are a great company to work with. I broke my sight years ago and was just sitting in the basement collecting dust. I looked them up and called them they said don't worry about it just send it in. So Tuesday I sent it in and on Saturday it was at my house already...
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    unit 371 colorado

    i am going here this fall was just wondering if anyone knows anything about it or if anyone has hunted here before. any information would be great.
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    danner jackal vs UA speed freak

    Does anybody have these boots and what are your likes or dislikes about them. I'm torn on between what ones to get.

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