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    VA long beard down!

    Had a great morning chasing these crazy things. Called in another bird to 80 yards right off the roost but he wouldn't commit. The whole time this bird was 300 yards off gobbling his brains out. Decided to leave the other bird and set up on this guy. A few calls later he strutted in to 40 yards...
  2. J

    Winter bass

    Good day winter time smallmouth fishing
  3. J

    Water hole question

    Went yesterday eve and checked a water hole in the timber i found last year. It was trampled with tracks but didn't look like there was a cup or two of water in it. Should i still sit it if there's barely any water in it? Super dry here in CO.
  4. J

    Food for backcountry hunt

    What's some foods that require no stove or water you like to take on 2 or 3 day hunts? Going to hunt out of a base camp but stay in the mountain every other day or so. What I have in mind so far is Tuna packs, jerky, summer sausage, granola, snacks. Any other suggestions. Thanks a bunch
  5. J

    Chest shot with a bow

    Would you take a straight on shot with a bow? Only talking 30 yards and under. I hunt a lot solo and a lot of the bulls I've called in have walked straight in tome. I've always steered away from this with deer but I've saw a lot of videos where people have no trouble with this shot on elk...
  6. J

    Water around the Steamboat CO area

    Anyone know how wet it's been this year in the mountains around Steamboat CO. I'm heading that way Sept 10th and found a really nice water hole in the timber last year that had alot of sign. Hoping that there's not water every where this year and it will still be getting hit hard. Thanks and...
  7. J

    Cover scents

    Just wondering what most of you use for cover scent? I'm from VA and always use fresh earth for deer hunting. It smells just like the dark dirt in the woods but dont seem to match anything in CO where i elk hunt. I tried some pine scent i found at bass pro last year but almost had a weird...
  8. J

    colorado unit 5

    Anyone out there archery hunted unit 5? Ive hunted otc14 and 214 the last 4 trips. I have enough points built up to draw 5 in 2016 and was wondering if it would be worth it. If i get lucky enough to tag out this year would like to do some scouting before we head back. Any suggestions on 5 or...

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