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    Using a fat-tire Ebike for hunting

    I have been doing some research on fat-tire eBikes for hunting (plus fun) and thought I?d check to see if anyone out there has had experience with them. I am eyeing the Backcountry Ebikes Mule 1000 and the QuietKat Apex. They are not cheap but under some circumstances I think they could be...
  2. Counselor

    Proper technique/form

    I recently heard a very successful fellow archery hunter describe their shot routine as 1) anchor; 2) center and 3) breathe. He went on to describe #2 as ?centering the pin housing?. I suppose that if you are using a ?single pin? sight that could be effective, but wouldn?t this be problematic...
  3. Counselor

    Raghorn Defined

    How would you define a ?raghorn? (I have heard they are called ?brush-hats? in some places)? I have gathered contextually that it is a bull unlikely to score well but was wondering if there is a more nuanced definition out there. What do you think? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Counselor

    ?Middle elevation? in Colorado

    I am planning elk and mule deer hunts in Colorado this fall during the 2nd rifle season. A lot of folks talk about the critters being at ?middle elevation? during this hunt but everyone seems to have a different idea of what elevation range that actually includes... I have my suspicions but I...
  5. Counselor

    Looking for advice... 2018 1st Rifle Elk Hunt GMU 53 New Mexico (Taos)

    I am new here and thought I'd reach out regarding my upcoming hunt this fall. We will be hunting the first rifle elk season in GMU 53 of New Mexico. Any advice on this unit would be greatly appreciated. Hunting with two others who have some elk hunting experience. We are all in pretty good shape...

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