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    New knife

    One of my favorite hobbies is making knives in my spare time. Here is a picture of my latest.
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    Steiner Binocular

    Steiner Predator roof prism 10x42 binos. New with lifetime warranty. $285 TYD in lower 48.
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    Big White Dogs

    The main reason I pack a pistol is for protection from those big white sheep guard dogs. And some of the smaller stock dogs are just as bad at times. I'd sure hate to shoot someones dog. But figure if I kick up some dirt in front of them with my Glock 27, it might back them off. Most guys seem...
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    Info for John Fitzgerald

    Do any of you guys have contact information for John Fitzgerald? Either Phone or email??
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    Here's one for Derek

    Here's my latest. Now don't go telling me you can't afford a $30 belt sander from Harbor Freight. I know you just bought a new rifle :haha:
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    New Knife

    This ones for Derek!! :tease: Maybe it will encourage him to build another knife. If I can make the picture work, this is one I just completed for my great grandson.
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    Thanks BTO guys Derek & Dan

    The Elk 101 forums have really picked up since the BTO guys got here. Big thanks to Derek & Dan for your hard work. Keep it up!
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    looking for a GOOD map program

    Hey guys! I\'m looking for a good map program that will show map cordence as you scrole the pointer around. I have the Coloradomapviewer program. it has excellent satellite pictures but the numbers are screwy to say the least. Any suggestions?
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    HELLO !! Where are you ?

    Hey! Where has everyone gone? This place is getting pretty dead. Never see JF on here anymore. Or Mtnmutt either. Iccyman doesn\'t post much anymore. Guess the little one occupies much of his time. Wapiti gets advertising on here but hasn\'t posted a thing in over 7 months. Troy Bungay from...
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    Ford Power Stroke ?

    I have a 2004 F250 with a 6.0 powerstroke engine. It often has what many refer to as turbo bark or turbo cough. Other than that, the truck runs good and gets around 21-23 mpg on the hiway with plenty of power. Some say this is fairly common in diesel engines. Personally, I have no idea and would...
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    Hot food on a cold day

    Ever wish you had something warm and toasty to eat when you return to the truck after a cold morning hunt? How about a hot brats or even something as simple as a hot dog. Here is a tip that can warm your belly. Just wrap a brats in aluminum foil and place in on top of the engine. While you are...
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    Rifle Accuracy II

    I would like to jump from the rifle to the ammunition for part II. This might be a good question for Derek as he seems to be quite the gun crank. I hope others can reply as well. Question: when seating the bullet, what would you recommend as far as how deep to seat it? A guy told me once to...
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    Hot Cup

    It was 35 below this morning and wouldn\'t you know, the power went out. I wanted a hot cup of coffee so I got out the old canteen cup, canteen cup stove and my Trangia burner and gave it a test. I had a hot cup in no time at all.
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    A song for you

    <!-- m --><a class=\"postlink\" href=\"\" onclick=\";return false;\"></a><!-- m --> Merry Christmas to all my elk hunting friends here on BTO.
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    Pictures to enjoy

    <!-- m --><a class=\"postlink\" href=\"\" onclick=\";return false;\"> ... tures.html</a><!-- m --> Hope this link works. Some great pictures !
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    Mora knife sheath

    <!-- m --><a class=\"postlink\" href=\"\" onclick=\";return false;\"></a><!-- m --> I thought this video was interesting, especially the part where he filters dirty water with the sheath...
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    I have an older Maptech Terrain Navigator that is topo maps of the entire state of Colorado. It is for older operating systems (Windows 2000 or XP) It is an excellent program if you have one of the older systems. It is FREE if you cover the postage. Probably around $4.00 bucks.
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    Where is JF

    Where is John Fitzgerald? Haven\'t seen him post anything in a very long time. Also, I kind of miss hearing from guys like Still Hunter. The last I knew, he had given up the old muzzle loader and took up fishing. But that\'s all right. He still has a wealth of information he could contribute to...
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    Beware when selling to anyone in Canada

    This is not a Canadian bashing post. But beware of the US postal system and the banking system here in the states. :mg: :mg: :mg: :mg: :mg: Recently, I sold a piece of equipment to a fellow archer in Canada for $45. I figured I could eat the postage fees as the package only weighed 15...
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    My latest knife

    Back in the knife making mode. Here is my latest! It has an elk antler handle. I\'m a sucker for the trigger style handle. It has a really nice grip and feel to it. I had the blade engraved by a good friend. Now I need a good leather sheath to top it off. Maybe that will be a good winter...

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