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    Colorado Draw Units 7,8,9,19,191

    Looking into this draw unit for our 2020 elk season. I've only been able to get some basic information out of the CO hunt planners that i've talked to but i've requested some names for the Biologists in those areas so hopefully that will happen. I'm wondering if anyone has ever hunted these...
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    2020 Plans

    Yes, that description is correct. I just finished up a southwestern Montana and central Montana Elk hunt. Starting to prep for 2020 elk trip now. Was unsuccessful in montana this year and actually ended up moving from the Gravelly range, due to grizzly pressure, up to the Castle Mountains. Saw a...
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    I need help deciding on where to go this year. With all the Elk knowledge I've found on this site over the years i figured a few of you could help me out! I've never hunted Wyoming or Utah (for some reason Utah is a huge goal of mine) but i have hunted colorado before. I saw a good amount of...
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    Bugle Report

    Heading to Montana tomorrow. How's the rut activity out there for those of you that are hunting? Bugles? Good luck all!
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    ill be heading out to Montana the 2nd week in September to chase bugles with my bow. Reports that I?ve seen and from all the wildfires that are going on in Montana right now I wanted to post a question to all you seasoned elk hunters. 1. How much is the dry weather going to effect the elk in...
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    Montana Unit 432

    I was lucky enough to draw a Big game Combo general tag for Montana this year. I hunted unit 432 a few years back, had some encounters with some elk but we were unable to cash in. Planning to be out 10 days and give this area another shot. I've been researching using ONX, my gohunt...
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    Archery Draw Weight

    Hey All, I purchased a Hoyt Nitrum a few years back with 50#-60# draw weight. I had a shoulder surgery from a college football injury and was leary about over buying on draw weight due to the surgery I'd had. It's now 5 or 6 years since the surgery and i'd be comfortable pulling back more...
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    Looking for a little advice on wyoming units. I've been doing a ton of research on Wyoming with hopes of drawing a tag this year. I'll be going with my father and unfortunately we have no preference points but we're hoping to draw a general tag. I'm having trouble narrowing down possible units...
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    Crispi Boots

    Hey All, I'm looking into purchasing a higher end boot for my upcoming elk out in colorado. I bought a pair of Under Armour Wall Hanger boots w/Gore Tex last year and they held up but i'm afraid that they will give out while i'm putting the miles on as i put about 100+ in the 10 days we were in...
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    CO GMU Unit 22

    Anyone ever hunted Unit 22? i see theres a majority of BLM land with quite a bit of private spinkled in. I've looked into the CO hunting statistics, hunting atlas and reached out to their Hunt Planners a handful of times so i have the majority of my questions answered. Just wondering if...
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    I'm looking to purchase a rangefinder. Wondering what everyone else uses and has had luck with? I strictly bow hunt so i don't need anything great just something thats durable and easy to use.
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    CO Archery Hunt

    Hey Guys, Looking to go to Colorado next year mid to late september. Any advice on areas to look into. This will be my second ever elk hunt so fairly new and not concerned with shooting a big bull (although that's always the ultimate goal). Just looking for ideas on areas to check out. Thanks,
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    Where to Hunt????

    Hey All, This year was my first year hunting Elk and i didn't have the best experience. I went with my dad (who's gone 8-10 times) and his buddy (who's gone 10-15 times) and we put a lot of trust into my dad's buddy on the area we chose. We ended up going to Central Montana around the Lewis and...
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    Sitka or Ridge Reaper

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my camo and i'm wondering what everyone thoughts are? I'm looking at Sitka and Ridge Reaper. I live and mostly hunt in minnesota and a lot of my camo is Under Armour realtree xtra pattern. I did my first elk hunt this year and am planning on going out west...
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    1st Time Elk hunt, Montana

    Hey all, New to the forum but seems like a pretty good crowd on here. Wondering if anyone has any advice on area/regions to hunt in Montana. Right now I'm looking at Central montana around the castle mountains or south eastern montana aroudn Broadus. Drew a General Big Game Combo so i'll be...

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