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    Jim Horn - (Early Season Elk Hunting)

    So I've searched the world over to find a copy of Jim Horn’s early season elk hunting.  Anyone have an idea as to where I might find a copy? Thanks
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    Elk Call Package

    Got my Elk Call prize package in the mail yesterday. (Hat, (2) "All-Star" Diaphragm Calls, and The "Temptress" Cow Call. Thanks Corey! Can't wait to use them in the field this fall.  :)
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    First Aid in the field

    Although I have never had any serious injury in the field (knock on wood) I have had some minor cuts while cutting up meat and skinning.  Has anyone had any serious injuries/wounds from out in the field? What types of precautions do you take for that moment? I pack a small first aid kit just...
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    Elk Country

    Let's see some pics of some of the elk country you hunt in.  :)
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    Found in the Woods!

    Has anyone found anything interesting in the woods while you have been out? A year ago I found a fanny pack someone had lost a month earlier.  It had his license in it with some rope, knife, Misc. stuff.  I looked up his number in the phone directory and returned it to him.  He was happy to...
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    Making Videos

    Does anyone out there make there own hunting videos from their hunts and if so what can a guy like me get as far as equipment/software/hardware to make some good quality videos? Is there any specific software that you like in helping with the editing phase for video and audio? I have used the...
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    Does anyone use pack animals?

    Have thought about getting some mules or llamas.  Does anyone have any experience in using either? I know of a gentleman that rents out pack goats in our area and have often thought of using them too.  What are your thoughts?