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  1. J

    Moose hunt unit 77

    My daughter drew a unit 77 bull tag.  We have scouted and have some trail cams up, etc.  There are a couple in the area, just seeing if anyone is familiar with that unit at all, just in case we need a plan c?  Let me know! :)  She is going to try and use her bow (she just turned 12), so...
  2. J

    Daughter is now a 'bow-hunter'

    My 12 year old has used a rifle on bear and deer, but now she has used her bow for an antelope.  She made an awesome shot and was VERY excited!!
  3. J

    Alaska 2015

    Hello--my first post here! I was able to go to Alaska fishing for a few days to help stock my freezer beautiful sockeye, silver and halibut!  It was a blast.  My wife gets kinda tired of elk/deer by spring, so this will help...  :-*