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    I've been out of touch for several weeks but has anyone heard how Dan and his group is doing in NM????
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    Re: First Elk, First Archery Anything

    Good job..... :-D :-D :-D :-D
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    ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!

    Ok hears the deal. Ya'll pray for me and my wife since we are planning a road trip to Ft Jackson South Carolina to see our older grandson graduate from basis training and visit with some friends and family that live out that way... I have 2 weeks of rehab under my belt and 30 more to go... If I...
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    Old motor getting a bit more sluggest

    I started out with a roaring V8. Then dropped a bit to a purring slant 6. And then to a sluggest inline 4. Well now the sluggest inline 4 has lost a cylinder and become a spitting 3... Needless to say over the last 10 to 15 years I've gone from roaring (100%) to spitting (32%) when it come to...
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    Game Cart

    I don?t know a great deal on game carts but this might be one. Check for yourself...
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    Happy Birthday Daniel...

    Happy Birthday Daniel (DTP)... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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    Just letting ya'll know I'm still around.. Anybody got a donkey and cart???? I'm in need of a ride.  :-D :-D
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    albino coon still lives

    I just got around to looking at the last camera cards the kids pulled and there he was 11-22-2018... So I'll look forward to another year for him to robbing my feeder... He's getting pretty old since I had pictures of him dating back to 2015 and he was an adult back then...
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    Back from a 9 days at deer camp

    I'm getting to ol' for this thing everyone calls hunting.. :wave: :mrgreen: :wave: Long story short version. 8:13 (checked my trusty Timex) opening morning of our modern gun deer season... Had a big ol' good un (tall and wide for our neck of the woods) walking towards me in my right side...
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    muzzleloader season

    The 2018 Arkansas muzzleloader deer season starts in the morning but for the 1st time in more years than I want to say, I want be out there with the rest of my friends.. My wife and I are going to make a trial drive down to the deer camp tomorrow but it will be just for the day and not to...
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    Pic of the crew in my hunt area

    I know it ain't elk BUT it's all I got for now, hopefully... Here's what I have pictures of so far this year plus a smaller 6 point that has the exact same rack but smaller... While still in velvet. Same shedding velvet. Same hard antlers. I hope this isn't the same 6 point I let walk...
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    Think I need a new cardiologist

    Wednesday morning early. Laying on a stretcher in the local ER. After taking the so-called maximum dose of nitroglycerin. IV with heparin drip in my right arm and nitroglycerin patch on my chest. A dose of morphine shot into my IV. In he comes and the first words out of his mouth were "How you...
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    Headed to deer camp

    My wife and I are headed down to the deer camp in the morning early... We have fall weather in August and are going to attempt to at least start to make an impossible task possible... We have a small artesian spring that crosses the valley of death shooting lane in front of our stand... It's not...
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    My wife is planning a roadtrip...

    As the title says she wants for both of us to go back out west... I've actually been feeling better and virtually pain free for a while now... The 24/7/365 oxygen is one BIG obstacle along with the long drive... But who knows... As a quote from Angles in the Outfield says "It could happen."
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    In and out...

    I've been MIA for a while now but try to check in when I can... In and out of the hospital... Mainly out but still unable to resolve the chest pain problem I've been having for a while... Looking at several different things but haven't been able to pin it down yet... So NO rehab since minor...
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    Re: ThrowBackThursdays

    Throw back February 21, 2018!!! April 12, 2018. Back at it again. :cry: :cry: Don?t even ask... :shh: :shh:
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    Slow go...

    Been around but haven't posted much... Still recouping from the birthday thing but did find out some more good news... My CABG surgeon looked at the disc of the hearth cath and said all my graphs looked amazingly good to be 16 years old and said there was no need for another CABG surgery...
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    Happy Birthday to me...

    At least I had one.... :haha: :haha: My birthday cake... birthday 2018 by Philip Weaver, on Flickr Me and my birthday cake... birthday 2018a by Philip Weaver, on Flickr But as you can see it was nothing to write home about... Last Thursday Feb 15th I had another heart cath and 2 stents...
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    scouting maps

    I know it been discussed but so far I've not been able to find it so here goes... I'm looking for a good free internet map that shows the GPS coordinates when you scroll your mouse pointer over the map... I also need to be able to change the GPS reading from DM to DMS... 
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    Elk verses deer or ducks

    After my recent regular visit to my pulmonary doctor it's been become more apparent the Elk are safer now and if the trend continues so are the deer and ducks... :-( :-( More rehab is in the near future... :train: :train: So my goals now are do as much as I can to scare the living daylights...

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