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    2022 Elk Meat Pole

    That is a cool bull. Looks like the rest of his antlers are a little different too. Pretty awesome.
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    2022 Elk Meat Pole

    Story for this elk is in the "2022 hunt update thread".
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    2022 Hunt Update Thread

    The elk hunting this year had been as slow as this forum. I had only heard one elk bugle before I got into this elk. The other elk answered and the wind was in my favor. I was debating what to do when I felt the wind switch. I wasn't too worried because I didn't think the bull was going to come...
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    Deer pics

    Wow. That is a nice deer. What state is this? Can you normally hunt with a rifle this time of year?
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    2022 Hunt Update Thread

    I've been out 3 times. I caught a glimpse of a couple elk I spooked. That's been it for elk. I have seen a handful of deer and 7 black bears. Lots of bears in this area the last couple years. Other than that the only things to report are extreme heat (for north Idaho) and billions of hornets...
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    Scouting trip

    I know there is a way to make them smaller. I'm not much on a computer but maybe one of the moderators can help you figure it out.
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    Frank Church

    I've never hunted it but I'm hopeful you will post about your trip. I've wanted to go there for a long time. Is this a rifle hunt?
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    Idaho draw are out

    I drew a 5 month any weapon antlerless tag for elk. I was thinking about not picking it up but I don't know how much time I will have to hunt during Sept this year so I guess I will get it. It's about as close to a guaranteed successful hunt as you can get around here. Once again I didn't draw...
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    Anybody else have terrible luck in drawing tags?

    Idaho big game draw results came out today and once again I swung and missed. I put in for a really great elk tag so wasn't surprised not to draw that one. I also put in for an extra antlerless whitetail tag and didn't draw that one either. Last year the odds on drawing it were really high...
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    Gate violations

    I'm curious what everyone else does when they encounter someone violating a road closure or trail closure. I don't hunt anywhere that you can have a motorized vehicle unless you happen to be working in the area but I encounter people on these roads that are either on 4 wheelers or side by sides...
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    How'd your season go

    Just curious how peoples seasons went if you were one of the lucky ones who has gone yet. Also if you had posted in the forum that had asked what you thought your chances of filling a tag were. I posted on that question and I think I said my chances were 75-80%. I still have 3 different seasons...
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    Deer pics

    My Mom found a big set of non-typical whitetail sheds a couple years ago. I had set out some trail cams in the area hoping to get a photo of him but I never did. This can be kind of a wintering area so there wasn't any guarantee that the deer lived here year round. My parents had a camera out...
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    North Idaho trail cam

    I set a cam out about 3 weeks ago mostly looking for a non-typical whitetail my mom found some sheds from. I got a couple deer and some elk but not anything with antlers. I did get my first mountain lion photos. I thought it was pretty cool to finally get one on camera. I can't tell if it's a...
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    What's the best area you have found on Google Earth?

    Wondering how many people scout on Google Earth and what kind of areas you have found. Did they look as good in person when you hiked in there? Here are a few of the areas I have found.
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    How I plan to cool meat.

    I am posting this thread about the walk-in cooler my Dad and I built for anyone who may have been thinking of doing the same thing. The first thing I would do if I were interested in building this is to look at the website That is the website of the manufacturer that makes...
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    Opening day

    Just wondering what everyone is thinking for opening day. It's been so hot and dry here in North Idaho that unless something changes I will be sitting in a treestand I have on a wallow 4 miles from a locked gate. There are a couple other spots I want to go to as well but with no rain in the...

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