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    A problem or another opportunity?

    Do bear change elk pattern? He is using the same trail as the elk, I'd tag him but he is a pretty small bear.
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    Elk bugle

    Anyone else have experience with elk in full rut that are call shy? Any advice would help. I'm great locating and challenging and meewing and estrus call. But I've run into a few herds that don't make a sound and just push through thick woods like a special forces recon team. What to do what to...
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    Back country meals

    I'm trying to pack lighter but get more calories. Any light weight food sources or brands out there with lots of calories for a 7-10 day back country hunt?
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    Spring bear

    I drew a spring bear tag for kapowsin but have not seen a thing. There are more shed hunters in there than elk lol has anyone hunted the south end of kapowsin? Or have any tips??
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    Private property

    Does anyone have any connection for private property in king county? I'm can pay for a lease or barter work. Thank you!!!
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    Tents in sept

    What tents do you all use in the back high country in September? I need something light and that doesn't trap moisture. Brands or models?
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    best bow?

    I know speed and accuracy is everything with a bow but is someone going to be more or less successful depending on which bow they use? if there is a 6pt bull at 55 yards is the guy with the top of the line Hoytt going to be more successful then the guy with the $300.00 PSE? I feel some guys and...

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