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    Frank Church

    I am heading to the Frank Church Wilderness in the middle of Sept with Elk and Mule Deer tags. We will be flying in and doing a combo of spike and backpack hunting. I am looking for information from people that have experience in this area and can give me some advice. Not so much on the hunting...
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    Colorado gmu 14

    What can anyone tell me about the fire damage gmu 14 received last year? How much of the unit burned and what do you assume the effects will be on the hunting conditions of 2021? I am mainly wondering about the early elk seasons Thanks
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    CO either sex ML tags?

    I have done a fair bit of research and am having trouble locating a clear answer. Does Colorado still offer either sex muzzleloader tags in any units? I am trying to lock down a list of units so I can see what I will be able to draw. thanks
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    2019 Rut

    This year was my first year elk hunting. I hunted the Sept 21-27d between Steamboat Springs and Walden, CO. We heard some bugling but mostly only in the morning and late evening. Everyone hunting the area was claiming it was a late rut and that the Aspen's had not started changing either. Did...
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    Walden area

    Had a recent change of plans and going to be heading to the Walden Colorado area. Any Info on the area? What to expect, look for or stay away from?
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    Colorado unit 18 archery

    Fellas/gals, looking for general info on Colorado unit 18 for the last week of September. Never been in the are before. Some first hand Info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Under Armour Infil Hike/Ops?

    Has anyone tried the Under Armour  Infil  Hike or Ops? Just wondering how they hold up and if they provide support sufficient for the mountain. Thanks
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    Under Armour Boots???

    I have owned plenty of UA shoes but was wondering what you guys think about their boots in elk country. Just wondering if they make a boot that holds up and is supportive enough. Thanks
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    Boots for flat feet?

    I will be going on my first Colorado adventure this fall. I am pretty picky about boots and don't want to regret the purchase. Looking for mountain hiking/hunting boot suggestions for flat feet. I have not spend much time on mountainous terrain like I will be facing so any advice will be great...
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    What you wish you knew...

    Fellas/Gals, I just got registered and this is my first post. I have the same story of most guys from the Midwest, gonna grab a tent and a bow and have some fun in Colorado. Prob in the last week of Sept. Would be willing to share what they wished they knew before their first time heading out...

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