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    Which state is the toughest?

    Anybody out there have an opinion about which state is toughest to elk hunt in general? I'm referring to general hunts on public land. I live in MT and I have consistent success here...but it just seems like we have to damn near kill ourselves to punch our tags. There's tons of pressure, major...
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    Wall tent stoves

    What brand of stove do you recommend for your wall tent? There are many different brands out there, and I've never owned one. I was considering the "Wilderness" stove: Do you like having the attached...
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    Backpacking tents

    I'm tagged out, but already thinking about next year...need to come up with a lighter weight tent for multi-day backpack hunts. I think I like some of the Tarptents (Moment DW maybe?), but there are a ton of other good tents out there. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Summer Scouting

    Hey Everyone, Last season was my first season elk hunting, and it was a lot of frustration and very little excitement. I'm motivated to turn things around this season, so I've been putting the miles on checking out new areas (far away from where I hunted last year)...I've been finding a lot of...

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