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    vpa vs cutthroat ?

    which one do those of you who kill elk prefer?
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    physical conditioning: navy seal workout

    warm up: 10 neck stretches(chin to chest) 10 rolling neck stretches(ear to shoulder) 10 shoulder circles (forward/reverse arms to the side and arms in front) 10 chest flys 10 lower back stretches 10 each leg: glutes stretch 10 each leg: monster walk 10 each leg: butt kickers 10 calves jump 10...
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    day six evo broadheads

    Has anyone used the day six evo broadheads? my dad is thinking about picking some up, and i was wondering if anyone had any problems with skipping, blades bending/breaking, ferrule or screw issues, etc?
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    hunting arrow issue

    I am relatively new to archery hunting. I shot my first elk with a bow last year, and was not impressed with my arrow. I did some research and cooked up a hotrod. My problem is that the spine is a little too heavy. it is a 250 spine rip tko from victory. i bought the 60 grain stainless...

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