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    Let’s talk 2023

    I got a CC hit for Elk. Looks like I'll be in 76 this September.
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    Just get the Mini, it works incredibly well and the Satellite GPS option is unnecessary. These also very rarely go on sale.
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    Looking for DIY Atlas pack trainer ideas

    What current pack do you have? I've used sandbags, concrete, etc. and all work well. If you have a pack with a load shelf make sure you put the weight there instead of in just the bag. For my SG bag the load shelf carries the weight significantly better.
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    Draw status

    Didn't draw 76 with 8 points as a Resident. Hoping creep doesn't go even higher and I can get it next year with 9.
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    Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack

    I've got a used Outdoorsmans Optics hunter pack. I have the additional pocket that can clip onto the pack as well as a rain fly and a nalgene pouch for the belt. I believe that the belt is a Medium, I am 6'3" and wear a 36" size pants and the belt is very snug on me so someone with a slightly...
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    2019 Archery CO "Hiking with a Bow, Elk Hunt in the Making"

    Hiking with a Bow, Elk Hunt in the Making Back in 2010 was the first time I had gone west for a hunt, I grew up in the midwest hunting whitetail from a tree stand. I was fortunate to have the opportunity at getting an elk and sealed the deal on the last day of the hunt. After that rifle hunt I...
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    CO Unit 01 2nd Rifle Cow Tag

    Hey Guys, I picked up a unit 01 Cow tag on the leftover list. Doing a bit of initial reading online this unit appears to have quite a bit of BLM land, the issue i'm seeing now is accessing it. It doesn't look like there are many roads going in/out of that unit. Do you guys have any...
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    Plan for Opener

    I was out scouting my Unit this weekend and found a few nice Bulls Sat night. Right now it seems like they are still in bachelor groups, but a few of the bulls were beginning to engage with each other and it seems like they are really starting to get worked up. Do you guys think these bulls...
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    Unit 11 Late Season Cow Colorado

    Hey Everyone. I've got a late season cow tag for Unit 11. I've done a ton of searching online and google earth etc. for places to go, but was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience in this unit? Looking at recent late season success it seems that the success rate is pretty high...

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