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    Tell us about your Hunting Buddy(ies) and how they get ready for Elk Season?

    A solid hunting partner is so SO important. They can be a huge part of your success or not. They can make a tough time a great time. But like you, they have to be prepared.  In this post, tell us about your hunting buddy or buddies and then tell us what they do to get ready for the season. I'll...
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    NM - Carson National Forest lifts fire ban

    (July 16, 2018) - For Immediate Release. Fire restrictions on the Carson National Forest will be lifted, effective at 8 am on Monday, July 16, 2018. [/color]The fire restrictions, which covered all districts, are no longer required because fire danger has been reduced to moderate. Due to...
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    Camofire reviews

    I have purchased items from Camofire. It can be a good spot to find a deal or two or even more. If you shop around, it is a great resource. However , I only have one complaint.... They only post positive reviews. I know because a 3 star review I submitted was never posted. My review basically...
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    Can't you see I'm sleeping!

    Some of the best naps are out in the woods during the elk hunt. It can be a little wierd waking up and having to figure out just where in the heck you are at first, but it also makes for some great stories about some of the crazy things that happen. What is your best nap in the woods story??

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