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    Opening Morning 3rd rifle Season

    I happened to pick up a Reissue/Returned buck tag for a unit I was familiar with for 3rd Rifle Season. 15 mins into season I was done. Temp was 1 degree - 220yd shot - 30-06 Winchester Model 70
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    cnelk's archery elk hunt - 2019

    This hunt started early in the year when I decided to use my PPs in Colorado and apply for a Limited Entry unit. I talked to my NonRes buddy and he also decided to put for the same unit. We knew we were pretty much guaranteed the tag so it just waiting for the confirmation email from the CPW...
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    Adding Weed Eater Trimmer Line to Arrows

    For those that may want to up their arrow weight without adding more insert weight or buying new arrows, try adding some trimmer line to your arrow shafts. I made a short tutorial video how I do it. Ive been using it for years. This isnt a debate about FOC or spine, just something to try if...
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    Wyoming NR Deer/Pronghorn Results 6/20/19 - 10am

    Good luck to those NR that applied And good luck to RES elk/deer/pronghorn applicants too
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    Colorado Draw Results - This Week

    Good luck to all that applied
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    Re: Recommended Rocky Mt Hunting Call for Cows

    "And I'll give the Fight'n Cow Call the advantage for several reasons. 1) It is small and more compact. 2) It doesn't spit up like a lot of the others. 3) It has an effortless learning curve.4) To me it just seems louder and more realistic. Ive lost track to how many elk have succumbed to...
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    For Sale: Eberlestock X1 Pack

    For Sale: Eberlestock X1 pack. Used but in great shape. No rips or tears - all zippers work. This pack can carry your rifle or bow. Here is a YouTube video of this pack that shows all of the features $125 TYD
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    WYO NonRes Elk Results- Today 10am MDT

    As the title says... Good Luck
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    Re: Colorado 2019 Big Game Regs - Online

    Can?t eat antlers. :)
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    Colorado 2019 Big Game Regs - Online

    Here ya go - Be sure to read the 'WHAT'S NEW'  section
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    Tired of the 'new' BassPro?

    Check this new outdoor company out. Based out of Sydney, Neb and ran by ex-Cabelas people
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    Took a look at my freezers today to determine if there is enough meat until September. I still have a couple Neb doe tags and I can hunt this coming weekend. Whatcha say? Enough? Or fill another tag or two?
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    If you hunt Colorado....

    The CPW Commission is holding their Rule Making Meeting January 9 & 10. If you hunt Colorado, these topics could be of interest to you
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    CPW 5 Year BGSS - Public Comment Survey

    The CPW has released a public comment survey with a few questions in relation to the next 5 yr BGSS. Use caution on what you submit, as it could negatively effect YOUR hunting each year.
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    Pro Tip - Gluing / Repairing Carbon Fiber, Kydex or Plastic

    Here is a short video I made that shows how to quickly repair kydex, plastic or carbon fiber Enjoy!
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    Where did the elk go?

    where did the elk go? Here they are - winter migration NW Colorado this past weekend
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    Centerfires - Can you name them?

    Just a fun little thread to name some centerfire cartridges. Can you name them?
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    Be aware of what you post online

    I was watching an elk hunting video the other day and I happened to notice the background in part of the video. It was an area Ive researched and low and behold I got on Google Earth and went right to the area. Use caution to keep your spots secret :)
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    Passing the 'torch'

    Some may remember over the years how my son has tagged along with me on hunts. He's pretty much all grown up and off on his own, working as an maintenance electrician at Vail Resorts on the ski lifts. Ive seen him shoot 3 elk and a few WT deer but today was different. He applied and drew...
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    Fillin' the freezer

    Hunted Wyoming and filled our doe tags yesterday. 3 doe in 3 hrs Thats some fun hunting

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