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  1. J

    Call or not to call

    Thank you guys for the advice. I leave tonight and morning day is tomorrow. Wish me luck!!
  2. J

    AZ CC hits?

    Yes i got hit, I have November Archery bull
  3. J

    Call or not to call

    Thank you! But bugling probably wouldnt work?
  4. J

    Call or not to call

    I have a Arizona November Archery Bull Hunt this week. I know this is late on asking but should I use cow calls or not? The bulls are not Bugling but I know where they are as I went scouting 2 weeks ago. Thank you
  5. J

    Discount Code not working

    When I put the code in on a vortex stand, the code says invalid.
  6. J

    Re: New Calling Series on YouTube

    Yes I do get sounds but nothing like an cow call. LOL I cant get those high pitch sounds.

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