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    Let’s talk 2023

    Going back to my usual GMU 11 for antelope. GMU 3 for elk and deer. some things just work. Good. Luck to all.
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    Call or not to call

    Cows call all year when herded up or searching for the herd. Can work in the right circumstance.
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    2022 Hunt Update Thread

    On Three Forks RFW hunts they provide a guide and transportation on the ranch. Two hunters are grouped with each guide. There are two hunts a day 6am and 3pm. new hunters check in at 3pm and start hunting that day.. If unsuccessful you keep going back until successful, or in my case have to...
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    2022 Hunt Update Thread

    So I hunted the Three Forks Ranch with a RFW tag. First I have to say this is a top class operation. John Kerr and his staff of guides were awesome. The area was scenic and classic elk country. I saw elk every day. Did get some snow which for me made it way harder. This is a classic elk hunt...
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    Wish more people posted

    So I’m north of Clark CO, camp set up. Appointment @ Three Forks is tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to this hunt.
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    Wish more people posted

    So its almost my time to hunt. Drove home to Colorado, picked the travel trailer out of storage, went out to Bakers Draw and shot one last time this morning. Headed up Tuesday AM, will set up camp in national forest near the Three Forks Ranch. My appointment at the ranch is Wednesday. Looking...
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    Where is everyone?

    I check in all the time not much new content for awhile now.
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    Where is everyone?

    Not much to post yet. My RFW hunt starts in two weeks on the 3 forks so maybe something to post after that.
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    Draw status

    That’s why I burned the 20 on a RFW tag. Could never catch up to GMU 002. Now I can go back to hunting GMU 003 after this year and be ok with it.
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    Where is everyone?

    Jason now that the draws for Colorado are out I’m sure there will be more action on the forum. I’ve been fly fishing in Western Nc and Colorado. Now I’ll start shooting to get dialed in again.
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    Draw status

    Looks like my 20 PP’s are down to 0 so I have drawn a RFW tag on the 3 Forks Ranch. Waiting for the confirmation email from CPW. 😊
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    Submitted for Colorado Draw

    So this year with my 20 PP?s I put in for a RFW either sex Tag for the three Forks Ranch. Put in for Deer in GMU 3, and Pronghorn in GMU 11. Good luck to all.
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    New scope

    So I added a Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50 PA scope with a BDC reticle to my browning 300 win mag a bolt. Went to the range and dialed it in at 100. Four holes touching and the other two within a 1/2?. Close enough for a minute of elk. dialed in to 200 yards and three within an inch, dialed in to 300...
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    Vortex viper 6.5-20x50

    New scope on my 300wm. Helps my old eyes
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    New scope for my old eyes

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    Age catching up with me

    Still love the wall tent but have added this to my list of gear.
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    Wyoming Draw Results Posted

    Wyoming has posted their draw results this morning
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    2021 Colorado Elk Draw charges hitting credit card

    Well I am hunting elk in Colorado just don't know where yet. Pending chanrge on my credit card.  :clap:
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    2021 Colorado Deer Draw is out

    Drew a deer tag for 4th season GMU 003. Now need to draw my elk tag.  :-D
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter my friends.

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