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  1. zclarkTOK

    So close

    I have a private only tag and had a bull into about 25 yrds but couldn't get him over the fence to shoot. I raked, I cow called, I located, I was aggressive but he was weary.  How do I get him the last yard? Any tips or tricks are welcome. It was so cool though just doing that. Happy as I...
  2. zclarkTOK


    How early do you start calling before legal shooting time? This will be my first year calling. My wife is about to kill me and I?ve been walking around with a diaphragm in my mouth for the last two months but I?ve got a decent enough cow call down to at least not scare anything away. I?m...
  3. zclarkTOK

    EXO Discount

    I saw a discount for EXO during my review of UEH course, but when I went to enter it, it did not register on their website.  Is there something else I should be doing, or is the code stil valid? Thanks
  4. zclarkTOK

    Elk Bedding Question

    I have a questions about the area I am hunting in New Mexico in the Capitans (Unit 37).  I have acess to a private land hunt on two properties.  Both of these lands have water and are surrounded by Forest Service lands.  I have not seen any bedding areas on the northern poperty and I do not...

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