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  1. Wyo67

    Re: looking for wild hunted meat

    Elk Noob is right.  Wild game hunted and harvested under state or federal regulations cannot be sold.  Only harvested for personal consumption.  The game meat you see being sold online and in stores are raised[/size] on farms under some type of USDA regulations (and inspections).
  2. Wyo67

    UEH Cow Elk Section

    Anyone else having issues with module 17?  I'm getting a 404 error on all menu options.  I haven't had any issues with any of the other modules loading today.
  3. Wyo67

    Reminder - WY Preference Points

    Just a friendly reminder that the opportunity to purchase this years preference point for Wyoming closes tomorrow.
  4. Wyo67

    Re: What is the difference in the tubes?

    I don't have the Kristi Titus one, but have several different types from several different manufacturers, and my favorite external cow call by far is the Temptress. 
  5. Wyo67

    Wyoming Wolves Good news.  Hopefully it will stick this time.
  6. Wyo67

    Sitka worth it?

    Just trolling for opinions... I entered into the performance clothing last season and really liked how the Kryptek line kept me cool and comfortable during bow season.  Last year was a little warm, but we did have a heavy wet snow during the last couple of days and the clothing handled that with...
  7. Wyo67

    Using the wind

    When plotting a strategy to move in and setup on a bull, obviously you want the wind coming to you.  I overheard Jason Phelps during one of the Gritty Bowmen podcasts say that he tries to keep the wind on one side in order to try and make the bull come in from a known direction.  As an example...

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