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    So. driving to the Arctic Circle?

    i think it would be the epic-est roadtrip of a lifetime. my 2006 Toyota Tacoma is still solid and reliable.  i would need a few modifications, but i kinda want to keep it relatively stock. up thru the Yukon Territory and then on the infamous Dempster Highway. if i had a friend with a second...
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    the hell? SEPTEMBER?!!

    you know that saying? "busy like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest"? well:  i think that guy is lucky to have one leg.  hahhaha. sorry i have been MIA from the forum.  been super busy at work.  we have one Resident Engineer in my office.  he runs a construction project for the State...
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    Great exercise to prep for hiking. Yup. HIKING

    mid year! Yesterday I did a hike with friends. I brought my weighted hunt pack. The trail is called Sea to Sky. We did a portion. 10 ugly miles. Climbed 1870 feet. Man I feel it. Today, jumped on my bike just to loosen up sore joints. My ride was sloooow. But great. On a side note. My...
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    emailed my doc about my max heartrate.

    ive been climbing hills on my bike. i finally got a watch all the cool kids are wearing.  the Garmin Instinct.  it tracks my rides and my HR.  i was shocked at the data.  first my ride is way longer than i thought all these years. and my HR, it hits 181 at the more heinous of climbs. ...
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    Lightning struck! Oh, did I mention I have an elk tag?

    after 13 years of spiking my cap into the dirt and stomping on it in April.  BOOM!  My brother and I put in separately and both drew a hunt. The same hunt. It?s a new New Mexico hunt. We are calling it our CHRISTMAS HUNT  a.k.a. The ?We are gong to annoy the hell out of our significant...
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    man. I?ve been trending towards smaller folding knives. I even started gutting a few animals with folders. They need not be huge. I also wanted something less well known. Off the beaten path so to speak. Thin slicy blades, less than 3? long. I found one that ticks all my buttons (for now...
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    Check out my flooded gas station.

    Biblical rains in my area. I?ve been in San Diego all week for work. Worried sick for my wife. All?s well.  But my area took a beating again. First we had a drought so the place burned to a crisp. Now, ? oh you want some rain??  Kaplush!  The heavens opened.
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    NM E-Tag?

    right or wrong, i got all excited about the e-tag option and clicked on it.  i think it's pretty neat the Dept leapt into the update with panache.  i hunt quail and dove in NM despite the results of the elk draw..on good year's i get a landowner permission letter from a rancher friend that...
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    i cant believe turkey season is within eyeshot!! is flying by.  the only good thing; seasons seem to roll back around quick. who's going!!  i am leaving the shotgun home this years.  arrow or pellet.  my only options.
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    i put Pride on hold recently.  i've come to grips lately with things. just got my bow back yesterday.  had 50-60lbs installed.  shot a bunch up close in my garage while the skies proceeded to fill my rain gauge to the 5" mark (in 3 days).  i pulled out my chronograph and shot a disappointing by...
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    time to get reaquainted with archery.

    i admit.  the luster of bowhunting tarnished for me.  couple of reason. 1. swapping over to a left hand bow.  granted my left eye is awesome compared to my janky right eye.2. my mtn-bike crash last summer really hurt me badly.  my shoulders and elbows ache constantly.  PT lady said i need to...
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    I?m making my brother crazy. :)

    somehow, he got a free all access pass to Shot Show. I keep texting him to check out various booths. He apparently scored me a MR cap. Now he won?t answer my calls. Haha. Anyone ever been? My head would explode!
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    keep in mind.  i am a civil engineer.  that is all i am surrounded with. i volunteered to fly around CA, this winter to teach a course with a few others.  we had to write our own Bios for the group leaders to read and introduce us with. besides now being a professional powerpoint person, it has...
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    has the entire planet gone with the flat-bill cap?

    i tried.  my general body shape, my head shape/size; whatever..i cant pull it off. believe me;  i tried.  it ALWAYS ends with my wife and i laughing uncontrollably.  i dont mind logo caps..but it seems everyone is going with the flat bill.  did i miss a memo or something?
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    well..I AM back at work. and i MET DAN

    what a whirlwind. i never drew an elk tag, but my brother did.  i promised to go with him to help.  all his friends bailed out, so i am glad i went along.  it was just us two. we hunted Unit 51 in New Mexico.  neat unit.  we had the first hunt.  it was Hot as Hades.  it also went monsoon crazy...
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    i seriously cannot wait to RETIRE!

    i LOVE my job for the most part.  but i am tired of the stress.  i had a wild day yesterday.  started at 3:00 am..went hard at it. went home at 5pm to get some rest to meet the contractor bosses at 8:00pm.  crawled into bed at 10:00pm to a ringing phone.  "can you come back?  more bosses...
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    sorry.  we dont have a fishing forum..and this thing is big.  and we stalked into casting range.  it was like hunting. the guide -we got a local to take us fishing .  i dont think we paid him.  the money was for the boat and fuel.  it was $24 each..US.  he was awesome. spoke zero english..with...
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    what is your favorite cut of steak? cattle.

    at the risk of starting an all out word battle :) you're at the butcher;  what cut of steak do you ask for? me?  i just like the NY-strip.  it is more challenging to cook than the Ribeye, but i feel it has more of a beefy flavor..and less fat. but the fat of a ribeye isnt a bad thing.  what...
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    My mtn biking helmet saved me!

    i crashed and hit the ground hard. This was Tuesday. I?m embarrassed to report several riders went past me, while I was bleeding and laying on the ground. They didn?t care to be bothered. One guy did stop, and he helped me up, checked my bike. I coasted most of the way downhill. I did have...
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    how to almost convert yourself to veganism.

    i fancy myself a decent home cook.  i wear food adventure like a badge. this weekend. i wanted to make my own tortillas.  homemade flour tortillas.  i needed lard.  storebought lard?  pffth!  whatever. i talked to my butcher and he got me some beef fat. i rendered it down Saturday.  it was...

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