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    WTB: Sitka Mountain Pant size 34 Tall. Will buy used or trade 36T new pant

    Sitka is changing the Mountain Pant for next year and I REALLY want to get my hands on another pair of the 34T. I'm a procrastinator and now I can't find one in stock anywhere. I have a brand new in the bag pair of Mountain Pants in the 36T if you have been having a tough time with that button...
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    New ELK101 site format

    Hey all, I wanted to mention in case you've not seen it, that we have redesigned Elk101 and just launched it. If you've not been to the main site in a while, please help us out by jumping over there and checking it out. We'd love to get any feedback on bugs (broken links, missing images, etc)...
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    New Elk101 Prostaff Toby Gangler challenge bugle video

    We want to welcome Toby Gangler to the Elk101 prostaff and figured this is just as good as any way to introduce you.  Watch as he uses an awesome challenge bugle technique to arrow a public land Oregon bull. Enjoy Here's a little bit about Toby with a couple of...
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    Forum Insider - Mountain House and AlpineAire foods - ON SALE

    I wanted to give you guys the first shot at this deal. We are putting all of the Mountain House and Alpine Aire backpacking foods on sale at 30% off. We're going to announce it this week in our weekly Elk101 email on Thursday, but I had the marketing guy turn on the sale un-announced so that...
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    New Elk101 Prostaff - Toby Gangler

    I wanted to announce that we've added Toby Gangler to the Elk101 Prostaff.  You can check out his short bio and some images here: Toby is going to be submitting some articles this summer as well as images and hopefully some video from his hunts...
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    FS: First Lite Chama 1/4 Zip Midweight - Black, XL New

    I have a brand new Black First Lite Chama 1/4 Zip, Size XL for sale. No tags, which is why I'm offering it here on Rokslide. New is $95. Shipped to your door is $65. See the details and image here: runs a hair big in my opinion, compared...
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    FS: Core4Element Element Jacket, XL, Max 1

    I'm selling my Core4Element Element Jacket. Size XL, Max 1 camo. I've used it once and it rode in my pack on an early elk hunt last season for a couple of days as my back up. Great condition, nothing wrong with it. I've just found that early season when I use Max 1 camo I rely more on shirts...
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    New Arrow Companies

    I'd like to throw this out there as I had a guy in my office yesterday from Element Arrows out of Pocatello Idaho. ( He told me about the new arrows he's making and his goal to have thousands of dealers one day. I love a guy with a dream and ambition and it got me...
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    Sitka Saturday, Sitka Sunday on Camofire

    FYI - is doing Sitka deals at 30% off all Saturday and Sunday this weekend.
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    Opening Day Success

    Just posted my story of Opening Day to the articles section. Thought I'd share it in case anyone wanted to read. We'd love to hear how your opening day goes as most of the elk hunts in the west begin this next week.  Good luck to everyone!
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    Road Trip workout? Try this one

    Summer is here and if you're a dad like me then there's sure to be a few trips with the kids and family that will prevent a trip to the gym.  Figured I'd share a workout that I do from time to time when I have to travel and can't make it to the gym (which I enjoy doing 3-4 days a week)...
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    Mountain Bike Hunters - A few questions

    After posting this in another thread, and seeing that someone else was highly interested in the reply (cowboystl1) I figured I'd not hijack and post this up. I'd suspect it'd make a good article for this site or even Extreeme Elk Magazine (hint, hint) as I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering...

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