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    Ok delicate subject but felt worth passing along..... Underwear and backcountry hunting conjure up not ideal images but a co worker who does triathlons suggested I get exofficio give and go a try. Apparently are odor resistant and wash and dry rapidly. Figured I would pass along I am ordering...
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    I have been using caltopo as a means to eval terrain  curious what y'all use.  And two questions has anyone printed out the caltopo to use in the field as a back up to GPS    Second what is the grade slope you avoid all out  Is 45 the max to switch back etc. I need to know where y'all say no mas
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    Just curious how far y'all ruck doing stadiums/ stairs.  I am using one I the iphone running apps to measure my distance  Here is the pic of the stadium I ruck using 45 lbs    Figured  I  would  promote the local university :)
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    Cape question

    Curious if most of y'all cape the elk out completely saw the horns and pack it out that way or cape to the back of the skull disarticulate it from the spine and pack skull cape and horns all together ? Thanks
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    Lawn mower rucking

    Cursed the post who suggest rucking while mowing. Just kidding was a great workout and good test of pack and another stride for a flat lander to yest himself on a "g" rated scale
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    idaho newbie

    I am looking at hunting in  Idaho a DYI 5 day pack in on foot. and have narrowed down some areas to hunt but have no idea how to ask for advice without spilling the beans.  My hunt is not until 2015 .  Just needing some help and guidance.

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