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    colorado draw

    anyone know when colorado will start hitting cards for tags?
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    lathrop and sons boots

    possibly looking at making a gear swap...  anybody have a good or bad opinion on the lathrop and sons mountain hunter or mounatin hunter elite??   
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    need help broadhead selection

    so im trying to pick out a broadhead to use .. first time stepping up with archery equipment so in no way am i seasoned or carry all the vocabulary..  im shooting a prime rival at 62 lbs with a 27.5 " draw..  flinging a gold tip kinetic peirce 400 spine.. right now with 100 grn field tips   ...
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    new nikon rangefinder??

    so i just got done listening to the new podcast from kifarucast.. Snyder alluded to a new revolutionary range finder from nikon.  anyone heard anything about this? i cant seem to find any info of it being announced at the ata show???
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    Exo 3500 For sale!!!

    For sale  Exo 3500  2017 Edition with the roll top lid for added volume. water bladder sleeve inside bag. every possible accessory.. meat crib, 2 hip belt pouches, 3 velcro stash pockets and the weapons carrier..  $140 in accessories alone  small size belt but for $40 you can get whatever size...
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    Leopold VX-6 3x18x44mm

    Leopold VX-6 3x18x44mm.  Scope only                               $900.00 Awesome glass. CDS (turret) system available.. scope is two years old. New Vx- 6 is selling for double right now retail..  lifetime unconditional warranty..  rings will go with the scope.. can't recall the brand but...
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    Kifaru Sawtooth! Oh yeah

    So fetching excited to use this shelter this next year/ season!  Really hope it works as well as I think it will !
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    Sitka Mtn pant sub alpine 32R for sale

    Never tried selling anything here but here it goes. I bought a pair of Sitka mtn pants sub alpine  for my hunt this year. Size 32r. I had previously tried on size 31 and that was what I needed. But Sitka ran out of those so I ordered these 32rs and wore for them 3 times. In like new condition...
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    "Mr Big"

    Got our butts kicked in the trail cam category this year. Bad cameras. Bad batteries. Annoying limbs. But caught a few good ones.
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    contender diaphragm?

    Hey Corey,  is it still possible for UEH members to get a hold of one of the new contender diaphragm calls?
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    Best 0 degree backpacking sleeping bag?

    Just curious on others opinions on this, its one of my next gear purchases. so ill set the question up like this    best bag for under $200 ?  best bag between 200 and 300 ? and best bag above $300 ?  overall weight will also be a factor    thanks to all
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    Exo 3500 or exo 2000?

    Alright I'm pretty much sold on the exo, but choosing gear can never be easy. I'm stuck between the exo 3500 and the exo 2000.  Anybody with personal experience between the two help out with an opinion ? Thanksort to all
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    Pack goats??

    Ok, I'm new to forums and posting to them etc, etc. But I value this groups opinion greatly so here's a question. Hunting from horseback was how I grew up hunting elk. Having a good pack (exo 3500) and a horse, a guy is set up pretty darn good these days.. Hard to beat. what about packing...

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