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    Oregon wolves

    I was looking at a map of the packs in oregon we have now and the wenaha and surrounding areas or all wolf areas now. Also or-7 has a den mate and pups on the cascade range. I'm hoping that wenaha doesn't get ruined like much of idaho's units like ive heard. Anyone here seen wolves in action?
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    anyone kill spring bear yet?

    Oregon season started Arpil 1rst. Just wandering who has had some spring bear success?
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    stiener predator binos

    I'm have double vision problems with my predator stieners. I got them about 5 years ago and starting about 2 years ago they starting showing double everything. Any ideas? I can't get a hold of stiener customer service or find anyone around me that can fix them. About ready to switch to the...
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    Bugling in november?

    I just got back from my Powers bull hunt in Oregon and saw a spike bugle in a herd with 5 cows. Any ideas why he would be doing that this time of year? I have heard of other people seeing/hearing bulls do that this time of year to. If anyone is interested in that tag by the way I would suggest...
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    recurve bow

    I'm trying to find a good recurve for hunting. 28" draw and in oregon for elk the poundage has to be 45lbs or more. We have a hunt that has unlimited tags for traditional equipment so no compounds in a great area for big mule deer. So i'm thinking about trying it out. I see a PSE coyote that...
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    Spring bear hunting

    I got my spring bear tag today, waiting for april 1rst for opening day! Anyone else going to spring bear hunt and when do you start scouting?
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    magic spot

    Anyone every shot an arrow that looks good thats just a bit high and a few inches back. I here a lot of stories about that magic spot where it looks like a good shot but it missed the liver and its just behind the lungs? I was looking on the elk anatomy post but didnt really see it?
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    whats the best state for elk?

    All people ever talk about are how things used to be good. There any states that are on the upswing for animals.
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    how do you prefer to hang your kill up, head or legs?

    I have done it both ways, each way works fine. But some people find it wierd to hang them by the head I dont' know why. I like hanging what I kill by the head or rack.
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    poached blacktail

    Here is a video of a Black tail I Tried killing for 3 hunting season, until he was poached. I turned them in and they had over 40 poached bucks and 6 trophy bulls...
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    Usually I can get within about 5-10 points of what it will score. Any tips on field judging.
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    sneaking shoes

    Early bow season before the weather gets bad I have a lucky pair of pumas I wear. They are super light and really easy to be quiet when making stalks. Last 3 bucks I have killed I was wearing them. Anyone have a good pair of shoes they like to where when closing the distance.
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    old elk 101 site

    Who was on the forum before they switched it and did you keep the same username? The new site is 10 times better and way active than late version.
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    .300 weatherby

    I'm looking for a scope for this gun. I want to start shooting at longe ranges and since I started bow hunting I quit paying attention to whats out there in the scope market, any ideas? So far I have gravitated towards a 4x12 with a 50mm objective lense.
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    Super SLam

    Anyone Here trying to compete the super slam. 29 species in north America how many species have you taken? I've taken    Black bear, Blacktails, Roosevelt elk, Mule deer.
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    what stage fits you most?

    Once heard that hunters go through stages in their life, what stage are you in?
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    books for hunting?

    Does anyone else read success books for hunting like "The slight edge?" I have read about 16 books and the principles just spill over into my hunting all the time. Especially for staying positive after a blown shot or bad weather or whatever the hunt throws at you.
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    Go Pro

    Anyone use a Go Pro for filming there hunts, looking for suggestions on using it. I have one mounted to my bowsite and it seems to work fine for now..
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    Wall Tents

    Curious who uses a wall tent and what kind of set up they have? I use the cabelas guide series alaknak, Amazing tent! hardly any signs of wear after 5 years.