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    Moose hunt unit 1-1 idaho

    I finally drew a moose hunt in Idaho, and would love to hear any advise or areas to cover. I have heard that there are moose all over, but I could not get away to scout this year. So any advise would be greatly appreciated. I have been in the area, but it was not for scouting. PM if you can...
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    Shaking Leg?

    Who else's Back leg shakes when the big boy comes in? You know it does don't
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    Educating the ones that just do not get it.

    Was hunting a ridge with 3 to 4 bulls bugling. We couldn't get on them before the thermals switched so we went a long ways away to wait for them to switch. We were just going to start heading that way, when it finally switched, and what do we hear but a flutty human bugle right under the bulls...
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    Grow up and stop the high school mentality

    I noticed at a lot of the archery shoots and in archery shops there is an attitude, " that if we don't know you. You don't know anything about archery" I see this alot in our local area. They will barely speek to you and if the do Its very superficial. Seems to be in a certain age group. Here is...
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    Knowing where the cows are in early season. Not worried about bulls on camera

    Simple. Where the cows are you will find bulls during the rut.
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    Wraps or no wraps?

    I have chose to go with wraps, for ease of stripping, and a little more color to help find those lost arrows. Was concerned at first about FOC, but it turned out perfect with wraps on.
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    peep sight clarifiers?

    Now that I am getting older, and the eyes after 20/20 vision my whole life, I was curious how they work and how do you know which lense is correct for you.
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    always return to the basics

    I think a lot of people over think calling. Just do the basic calls and don't worry about over calling.
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    Archery equipment getting to expensive?

    I am worried that we are moving towards what happened in Europe. Only the rich can hunt, because the rest of the people can't afford it. The land leases are costly and the equipment too. Bows are now hitting the $1000 dollar mark, the clothing and gear are way over priced. It's great for the...
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    Will Bulls sound like cows?

    The bull I harvested this year amazed me by coming in sounding just like a Hoochie Mama. My quess is, wolves caused it. Three days before this the bulls were going crazy with bugles. Then it instantly stopped. I would bugle and the wolves would answer. So if you hear what you think is a cow hold...
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    Responsibility of getting meat out and processed before spoilage...

    I was showing pictures of a nice little 5x5 I took in archery season this year, when a man came up with pictures of three real nice bulls taken by young hunters in thier first year in archery. As we talked he was bragging about the size when he slipped and told me they killed all of them miles...