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    Success Question

    Guy's question and your opinion.  With the Elk University, Born and Raised, Randy N etc.. all outlining there playbooks if you will, the success rate is still to be10% or less. In your opinion, with all this information, what are people doing or NOT doing that is limiting there success?
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    Southern Oregon Members

    Any members in the southern Oregon area? 
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    Google Earth 3-D view

    New to Google Earth and after watching the UEH still confused on how you get the 3-D view on Google Earth?  Is there a setting? User Error? LOL  is there a setting I need to turn on?
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    Audio Book

    Any update on the audio book?
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    Google Earth VS Onyx

    In the course concentrates on google earth, not sure if the release was prior to Onyx?  Is google preferred over Onyx? Or are they the same?