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    Backcountry mini wood stove?

    Has anyone used a mini wood burning stove for boiling a pot of water or cooking? I've seen a couple different ones that are very light (a couple pounds or less) and I'm curious to hear anyone's experience they've had with them.
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    Muzzleloader bullet weight

    I'm taking my Dad on a muzzleloader elk hunt this fall. I'll have the ol stick n string b/c that's more my style. But my question is, what weight bullet/manufacturer do you use and how many grains and what type powder do you use?
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    G5 Montec...Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel?

    I am looking at switching to the G5 Montec broadheads(100gr). I have always used the original Muzzy 3-blade 100 grain broadheads. I am at the point of either ordering more of them or switching. Seems like the G5 Montecs are pretty popular and I like the idea of being a one piece broadhead. With...
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    Measuring blackpowder question

    Looking for some expertise in measuring black powder? I was wondering, if you measure powder with a tube that has the grain markings on it, do you tap the tube and let the powder settle and then read the powder measurement? Or would the actual powder size be the measurement when the powder is...
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    Favorite type of Black powder?

    Just curious what everyone's favorite black powder is? I'm asking about the actual powder, not the pellets. I was fortunate to draw a muzzleloader elk tag for colorado this fall and I am not used to shooting powder. Here in Wisconsin we are allowed to use powder pellets so I do not have any...
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    Sitka or Kuiu Gear?

    Looking for some imput. I would like to hear from people that wear Sitka or Kuiu clothing. Or better yet, you've worn them both. I am trying to decide which to go with and have never tried either. Any imput would be appreiciated. Thanks!
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    What Moon Phase do you prefer to elk hunt and why?

    I prefer the week of the new moon when bowhunting the backcounty for elk. I'm curious if anybody prefers a different moon phase and why?
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    Heads Up or Montana decoy?

    If you use a decoy for elk hunting the back country, or if you would use one, would you carry a full size decoy like the Montana decoy or the smaller, lighter Heads Up decoy? Has anybody tried both and noticed any comparable difference success wise?
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    What weather do you prefer for a September backcountry bowhunt for elk?

    I'm curious what other hunters think. What would be your ideal weather conditions if you were on a backcountry bow hunt in September for bugling elk? I guess I prefer highs in the 50's, low's in the low 20's, overcast with a passing overnight rain shower every other night, light winds, and a...
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    Boot Oil/Waterproofer

    Looking for any input or comments on what Boot oil/waterproofer for leather that you have or haven't had success with. I have used SnoSeal, Bear Guard(my current favorite), silicone sprays, and various mink oils. Just curious if anybody has or knows of any other products that have or haven't...
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    Uploading profile pic?

    Has anybody else had issues uploading a profile picture? I've tried several times with several different pics but always get an error. Any help would be appreciated.