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  1. Big Tex

    Camera during the hunt

    Anyone bring out cameras to set up during the hunt.  I'll be out hunting for 7 days and thought I would bring a camera to set up to try to pattern when elk are using a particular saddle and wallow.  Is it worth the time and effort?
  2. Big Tex

    Favorite Archery Elk Hunting shows

    So I've been traveling way too much the last six months and now that I have some time to refocus there's no better way to get motivated for the elk season than by watching elk hunting shows, however, either some of my past favorites aren't airing any longer or my DVR has bumped them off.  I'm...
  3. Big Tex

    WYO Deadline

    Anyone put in for elk in WYO.  What did put in for?
  4. Big Tex

    Filming the hunt?

    I plan to spend a good amount of time calling for my two hunting partners during our upcoming hunt and I've got a decent camcorder and my buddy has a contour so we're going to try to put a bull or two down on film this year.  This should be interesting since it'll be a first for both of us, but...
  5. Big Tex

    Backstraps on the camp fire

    Not getting ahead of myself at all with this  ;)  but what Mcgyver methods or items have you had success with cooking elk backstraps over the open flame in the backcountry. For some reason we've always been too worn out or focused on getting the next bull to cook any meat up, but it sure...
  6. Big Tex

    Base camp food ideas

    So I'm doing a little different hunt this year as we are taking a wounded warrior out so we have an outfitter packing us in and setting us up with a wall tent/base camp in the backcountry and he wants to supply us with a stove and food.  I've always done the bivy style/easy prep/freeze dried...
  7. Big Tex

    Maximizing my adjustable site system

    So I have a MBG ascent with a dial of death adjustable sight pin system and with my bow set up I can only use the dial out to 65 yards, keying off the 20 pin, before my fletch starts to hit the bottom of the sight....wondering if other have had this issue and how you've been able to get your...
  8. Big Tex

    Using a diaphragm call

    Always thought I was pretty decent using a diaphragm but after watching the Elk Univ video I have the impression I'm doing it wrong.  I seem to largely use airflow vs tongue pressure to change my tone.  I just can't seem to use just pressure.  What am I missing?
  9. Big Tex

    Longer range grouping and tips

    With a new MT BG dial of death on my bow I've been able to stretch out my shooting range and have had a couple sessions out to 80 yards.  I can consistently get an 8-10 group at 80.  What sort of groupings should I be striving for at 80-100 yards?  Already noticed a couple things I can do to...
  10. Big Tex

    How far from the trailhead do you generally hunt?

    Curious to hear folks reponses.  I've hunted with success less than a mile from the truck/trailhead all the way out to 10+.  Generally though, when I'm looking for new country I like to be 4-5+ miles in.
  11. Big Tex

    Elk Cake

    Had a milestone B-day this weekend - all I can say is that its wonderful to have a wife that understands my obsession.  ;D
  12. Big Tex

    Secondary tag?

    I'll be elk hunting in ID this year and I was thinking about also buying a deer tag, which would allow me to shoot a deer, bear, or wolf if the situation presents.  Also, I noticed that the 7 day grouse season will be in while I'm there, so I could throw one of those in as well.  I always seem...
  13. Big Tex

    inReach SE 2-way Communicator

    Ran across the InReach device today and though it was pretty cool.  I typically  hunt out of cel range and have rented a sat phone or hunted with folks that have a spot for my extended backcountry trips.  This device seems to be a compromise between the two - a satellite two way texting device. ...
  14. Big Tex

    Icon 7000 pack by Kuiu impressions

    Spent about an hour with the Kuiu guys at the P&Y convention in Dallas this afternoon talking with them about their new gear and testing out the Icon 7000 pack.  I've been on the lookout for a new pack and had narrowed it down to the Mystery Ranch and Kifaru's, but its hardnot being in a...
  15. Big Tex

    Black gold sight Q

    Just got my black gold ascent on my bow and there weren't any instructions included or on their site.  My question is whether there is a way to tighten up the horizontal plane adjuster, as it is now the sight rattles around a bit and I'm also concerned that the adjusters don't appear to lock...
  16. Big Tex

    Tips to better shooting?

    I'm focused on improving my accuracy with the bow, so i broke down and got a target so i can shoot the 8 yards across my garage, which I'm doing 4 -5 days a week.  Its hard to consistently get out to my club to shoot further distances, and I've been amazed at how much my accuracy has improved...
  17. Big Tex

    Creative ways to access remote country

    Doing some access research into wilderness areas I came across some city hopper airlines in ID that will drop hunters into an array of remote wilderness airstrips.  Didn't even know these strips existed and it sparked my recollection of Newberg choppering into a land-locked elk hunting spot in...
  18. Big Tex

    Mystery Ranch or Kifaru

    Considering upgrading my pack from my trusty Eberlestock J101 to either a Metcalf or Timberline.  My typical pack weight going in is around 60 lbs and its hopefully 80-100 lbs coming out.  Once I'm hunitng I cinch it down and have it on for the duration of the trip as a day pack. My J101 is a...
  19. Big Tex

    Run, lift shoot or lift, shoot, walk???

    Anyone else seem to shift up their workouts year by year.  I've always been a big runner and haven't put the focus on strength training and shooting that I've wanted to.  Because of some lingering, likely age related  ::) , foot issues I haven't run a single mile yet this year, but I have been...
  20. Big Tex

    Ways to cut pack weight

    My pack for a week of hunting typically runs a tad over 60 lbs and I'd love to cut some weight out.  A couple quick but expensive hits would be to go with a newer lighter pack (2lbs), lighter tent (4-5 lbs), but again at a costs that could push $600-800 to maintain comfort.  Here are some other...