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    Antelope Blind Question

    I know it's better to set up your blind as far ahead of time as possible, but I have a public land spot for goats where this isn't really possible.  To make matters worse there is zero cover around this water hole to use for brushing the blind in.  Have any of you guys had any success with a...
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    New Bladder

    Looking for a new 2 liter bladder.  Been fond of the cabelas brand bladder I've been using but just wanted to see what everyone else is using seeing if there I could upgrade. Thanks for your help!
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    Tenzing tz 4000

    Hey I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this pack now that it has been out for a little bit.  I have been looking for a good day pack with the ability to haul out some meat if necessary and this seems to fit the bill.  I have been looking hard at this and the tz 2220.  Any pros or...
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    Alright I'm not a superstitious person, and I know consistently being successful in the elk woods comes down to plain old time and hard work,  but there are a few things I've found elk hunting that seem to defy the odds and help find elk when nothing else can.  For instance, it seems I am almost...
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    Face Mask

    Who wears a face mask in the elk woods? Almost all of the older guys I grew up hunting with wear one religiously.  I try to but have been caught without it a bunch and have still killed bulls.  I think movement isthe big key but i just feel exposed without it.
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    Grunt Tube Lanyard

    Does anyone know where to get or any good ideas to make a bugle tube lanyard? Probaby more on the elastic side.  I see the new Primos bugles come with a nice one but as far as I know u can't just get the lanyard.  The ones that usually come with the calls dig into my neck after long hikes into...

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