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    heres to everyone havin a great fourth. an to all the men who have paid a price to give us our freedom. freedom is not free
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    im gettin ready to head out of town but wanted to wish everyone a happy an safe holiday. with the events over the last few months memorial day has a much different meaning to me this year. rather than just looking at it as a three day weekend i wanted to say a extremely heartfelt THANK YOU to...
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    moose refund

    is in my hand, that didnt take long
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    who hunts in the rain

    im not talking about the guys paying oos fees for one week, of course they hunt. im talking about the local guy regardless of location or species who isnt on a one week vacation. i use to actually enjoy hunting in the rain for local turkeys. seemed like i had the woods to myself. the turkeys...
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    how absolutely stupid can you be

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    im thinkin bout doin a half marathon in a couple weeks and get donations for my cousins foundation (the green beret from a few mos ago). thought i better see if i could do it first so i did 13.1 miles today. hav to say, that sucked. now to see how the knees and i t bands respond.
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    whats everyone doin

    middle of march, not much goin on. i took my son to the national ww1 museum in kansas city yest. its worth a visit if anyone ever goes thru there. hard to imagine 100 years ago april 6th this year we entered our first ww. cold here today so think i will just fix a pot of chilli or veg soup, go...
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    anyone enjoying the game today. i could care less bout the two teams playing but for whatever reason i like to watch for the ads. although every year im very disappointed. my daughter an son in law is coming down though, so should be fun
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    pop ups

    brad, you had a thread awhile back bout blocking pop ups, can you remember how you did it.
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    happy new years

    hope yall have the best year ever
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    everything is froze solid here. you should have some ducks headin your way. all wont leave, but alot will.
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    what caliber

    im thinking of buying a new rifle. i dont need one, but think i want one. around here in mo no need for a large caliber for deer an short shots, but i want a do all rifle, so maybe a bigger gun. im thinking of a 300 win mag, rem ultra mag, short mag, etc. prob will never hunt elk, moose, bear...
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    happy thanksgiving

    to all my backtrak brethren. heres to eating more than we need, and spending quality time with friends and family.
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    prayers for my family, please

    just found out my cousin who was in special forces was killed overseas yest. dont want to put anymore info on the internet but prayers would be appreciated
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    shootin ducks

    arky, daughter shot some ducks this weekend, not a ton of ducks around, but for where they hunt they did very well
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    my cutco blade today dressing a dear out. was putting to much pressure on the pelvic bone and got sloppy. i loved that knife to, dang it.
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    my son\'s buck - pic added

    killed a small mngt buck during youth season today. made a very nice shot.
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    mo duck in the north zone starts sat. wont be many ducks for awhile, but its game on.
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    next weekend

    either youth rifle season or duck hunting depending on what my son decides he wants to do
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    guys, hope yall have a safe successful hunt. im living thru yall so make sure you post some great stories.

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