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    Trail camera rules in colorado

    Hey guys, I'm new to the trail camera thing. I have a buddy telling me that I have to pull my cameras down a week before season, is this true? Or is it that the cameras can stay up year around, but mineral licks and salt must be pulled 2 weeks before season? Also I know this should be able to be...
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    Need help finding a target manufacturer

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a life sized elk target I saw in the back of with western hunter or elk hunter magazine. I can't find that issue anywhere. I thought it was aspen archery targets but I was wrong. Any help would be awesome. Shoot straight everyone
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    2012 Matthews Helim

    Im wanting to sell my 2012 Matthews Helim, its Left Handed, 30 inch draw, 70#. 31inches ata, 408 grain arrow chrono at 305. It was super tuned, new custom strings made with 452X. it is a bare bow, but the quiver will come with it, 6ct. I have a single pin HHA optimizer sight that Ill throw in...
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    Rain and rut

    With the moisture we have received here in the west this spring the cows should be fat and sassy, and cycling on schedule, and the horn growth should be quite nice as well. What do you guys think? hunt or die
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    Snowy range wyoming info

    Hey guys, hope everyone has been drawing their tags of a lifetime this yr. I'm looking for a little info on the snowy range of wy. I drew a general tag this yr for wy, thinking it would take me longer to draw, I was mistaken. After putting in for this my wife informed me that we are expecting...
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    Meat pole 2014

    Let's see some success pics guys!! I hope everyone has been as fortunate as I was this season. Got my first bull sept 6, solo here in Colorado. Called him into 23 yds and he busted me, he ran to 45 I got him stopped and connected. He ran 40 yds and piled up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2014 non elk meat pole

    Hey guys, couldn't find this years meat pole is I figured I would start a new one. This is my Wyoming archery goat DIY solo, stuck him @75 yds Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Outfitter advice

    Hey guys, Some buddy's from work and I are looking at planning a bear hunt in Canada next may/June. Trying to find a good outfitter to hook up with for Archery/ rifle hunts. If anyone has done this please share your info on expieriences good/ bad.. Thanks guys and best of luck this fall!!!
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    Size vs weight pack dilemma

    Ok, I have a thermarest pad, roll up, bulky but lite. Or I have a big agnes blow up pad that is compact but a bit heavier, ounces heavier.. But ounces make pounds. What way do you go?
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    Water filtration

    Looking to buy a water filter system. Wanting to know your thoughts on a pump style, chemical( tablets), or gravity bag. What style do you guys like and find more efficient?
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    Looking for some tips

    My question to all of you is, do you stick with a chest, back, day and a leg day, arms and shoulder day.. Etc.. Or do you do a  full body workout everyday, also which do you think is a better way to go? Right now I'm doing seperate parts, with cardio in between. Right? wrong? And go!!!
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    Back bars for hunting

    Ok so I have some good friends at my bow shop that are telling me to get a back bar put on my new elite and that it helps with longer distance shots, stability, and balance. I get that it's a target thing, but maybe.. Also another pound basically on my bow ohhfa .. What do you guys think...
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    Getting motivated

    Last year I worked out 5 days a week from jan till oct.. Then my wedding hit, then holidays, now I'm 15#s heavier and I can't seem to get myself motivated to work out. Anybody have some advice!! Feel like $hit!
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    Sleeping bag question

    Just went and tried my new north face 30 degree bag. Needless to say, I was cold. I'm wondering if I should sell and try another one, or just buy a liner for it? Does anyone have any experience with the bag liners? Thank you

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