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    The Election

    I really hope to get back to not having my hunting gear arguments interrupted by political ads tomorrow. (As I age, I see less and less difference between candidates -- presidential candidates excepted -- and so I ... just want to go hunting)
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    Great day to fill a pronghorn doe tag!

    Had a great day ... nothing like enjoying a relaxing hunt on a great day with a close friend ... and a classic firearm, the Winchester 1895 in .30-06. Good fun, Brad ... and thanks for providing the cinematography.
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    Options for the 24th

    Well, my elk hunting so far this year has been a BUST like no other. NO encounters first week. And that\'s not from sitting in camp instead of hunting. We put the miles on, for sure. We obeyed the wind. In short, I think we \"hunted well\" ... in elk-less territory. We even changed territories...
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    2016 Season So Far, No Good For Me

    Well, I knew this year would be tough. I would be hunting first week (not ideal for vocal elk) and with my buddy\'s 17 year old son, who is an experienced outdoorsman (for 17) but had never hunted elk. And I would be back in \"my\" elk camp, one that I had decided after last year to abandon in...
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    Camp Fires

    I\'ve always been a \"campfire\" hunter. I enjoy the fire, and figure it smells more \"natural\" than my arm pit odor. But I\'m re-thinking this year. I\'m thinking of taking a lower-profile in the woods this year. Any thoughts about campfires? (A dead grouse is getting a campfire, though ...
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    Grouse OYO

    I\'m hoping to supplement my diet with grouse next week. At this point, I have nothing packed for that ... no pots/pans (we\'re Mountain House eaters on this trip) or seasoning. Weight, though, is not a huge issue ... so, let me know what you\'d take to make a decent, edible meal out of a...
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    Do you start into elk country in the dark, or wait for a little light? If it\'s dark, you might bump elk you don\'t see. If you wait for light, you might be too late to find and intercept them. Flashlights, perhaps? Will they scare elk (that you don\'t see) on the other side of the meadow?
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    Archers-- how\'s your shooting coming?

    After getting broadheads and field points to hit together out to 50 yards, I\'m no longer stressing about \"an inch here or there\" ... And I\'m getting to a more comfortable stage of shooting ... just tossing 4, 5, or 6 arrows out on the yard at random distances and getting them into the...
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    I\'m trying to think of some ways to use INSTANT MASHED POTATOES on my back-country hunt this year. Any ideas of LIGHT food to mix with them for lunches?
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    While out exploring last weekend, Wife and I worked our way down a long draw that dropped nearly 800\' to a major creek. About 1/4 the way down, we found a lot of elk rubs ... and it looked like they were from multiple years. What does this tell you? What point of the season would you say is...
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    Ever see a spot you know on a forum?

    Have you ever been looking at an internet hunting forum and notice something ... familiar about a story or thread? As in: \"Hey, I\'ve been there.\"
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    Every year

    Every year: -- I think of going somewhere new, but end up at \"my spot\" -- I realize I need to shoot more -- I pack, repack, and re-repack -- I debate everything from what tent to use to what pants to wear -- I\'m more prepared than ever and still not prepared for the \"audibles\" that...
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    Tips for archery accuracy

    Who has some good tips for accuracy with a compound bow?
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    Late Season NE

    It\'ll be back to Nebraska for me this fall ... a \"season choice\" antlerless deer tag is useful for any open season, and I\'m thinking about getting a muzzleloader out this summer and working on a load. Now ... which muzzleloader? That\'ll be the tough question -- I have 5 of them. Haven\'t...
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    Well, time to hit F-5. 1. The area I wanted to go to (and Plan B) are off-limits due to fire. (For now -- that could change). 2. Word today from my buddy ... he won\'t be coming this year. So ... this opens up some options on timing and on new country. It\'s going to be improvisation from...
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    Locked Out

    Went yesterday to scout and put a few cameras up in my Plan A spot ... but it was a no go. There is a fire nearby, and even though I\'m miles from there, all the roads in the area were closed. No word on when they\'ll open ... My Plan B is closed, too. May be moving to Plan C or Plan D. So...
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    Arrows at Cabela\'s

    I\'m going to Cabela\'s this weekend ... Visa points in hand ... and plan on picking up a dozen arrows. What brand of Cabela\'s arrows have you used, and either recommend, or recommend against? Used for pronghorn to elk.
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    Road Camp Meals

    For the last 4 years, I\'ve been packing in to camp, which means ... dehydrated meals. This year: Road Camp. So ... this opens a lot of options for meals, but I\'m not used to planning like this. What are some good ideas/recipes for food in this setting? I\'d like to make as much ahead of...
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    The Long Coax

    Most of my elk encounters have been over quickly, but occasionally I hear or read of people who \"played\" with a bull for a LONG time, eventually coaxing him in close enough for a shot. I\'m interested to know how they do that. When I\'m \"playing\" with a bull, it seems to be an...
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    Still can\'t get there!

    Well, I did some scouting this last weekend, and my primary spot that I really want to get into ... is still out of reach, due to a swollen creek. Anyone else having trouble scouting due to creeks, or snow, or deadfall, or whatever?

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