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    Eastman\'s Bowhunting Journal issue #100

    Eastman\'s Bowhunting Journal 100th issue is out..KHNC and I were lucky enough to get them to run our Story of our 2016 New Mexico Elk hunt. Looks like we won\'t get our copies for a while, so if you\'re a subscriber...look for us !
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    Ode to New Mexico

    In the Spirit of the Holidays, I\'d like to share a \"Lyrical\" account of our 2016 Elk Hunt. Most of this was written sitting in a climbing stand over a waterhole during the \"Slow\" portion of our hunt. \"ODE TO NEW MEXICO\" Road Sign by Jeffery Ervin, on Flickr Please gather round, if...
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    Pigs...sometimes I get it right !

    This hog has been my nemesis this Summer. Killed one of her young ones about a month ago, because she wouldn\'t come near the stand. A couple weeks ago, I noticed she and her brood had been hitting the pond on a regular basis. I got a late start, and decided to take a shortcut to the...
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    Kitties like Turkey Too !

    I know it\'s been awhile...but I had a very cool encounter I wanted to share. Took this at 8 feet on Sunday (I was turkey calling aggressively). There\'s that \"Oh Crap\" moment when you realize it\'s NOT a gobbler coming in. Turned my head when I saw the color...and he stopped (2 more...
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    Another Daughter says I "cheated"

    After missing a slamdunk shot on a nice hog down in the canyon, I did something I haven\'t done in 30 years...took my rifle after them. I have jumped pigs in these brushy canyons on a couple different occasions, and so I took my GPS to mark the \"pig holes\" where I\'ve seen them historically...
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    Got Lucky on Saturday Evening

    I really thought my chances were poor, because the weather had cooled down. But, this guy was thirsty, and came in right before dusk. He stopped to drink in the pond, but he was quartering to me, so I waited him out. When he turned and walked out into the pond, he gave me a great 15 yard...
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    My Wife shot a bull Today

    OK, not an elk. But look how fast I got your attention :lol: A landowner friend of mine had recently moved all his cattle up to Oregon...except for one rogue bull calf that had gotten away. He told me I could have him if I wanted him. My Wife had been shooting with me in the evenings for...
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    "Hogzilla" takes a dirt nap!

    This weekend, I finally managed to bag this old boar that has been tearing up fences on the private land I got access to. I estimate his live weight was somewhere around 250 # (or more) Landowner was very happy! My Wife told me I have to quit hunting now...because our freezers are stuffed...
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    The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky!

    OK guys, I have to apologize in advance for this recap of my solo hunt this Season. This is a very long story, heavy with pictures, and complete with video as well. I hope some of you enjoy it:
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    A little Labor Day Weekend Pig Action!

    Been chasing these darn pigs around for a while now. Finally had an opportunity on this young boar Sunday at last light; it was a quartering away shot from my treestand, about 30 yards, and the pig was on the move. Arrow entered through the near shoulder and came out just in front of the far...
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    2013 video...the one that got away!

    This bull should have died on the first morning of our hunt last Season. The shooter is Kenny Hollingsworth, who had some limited elk experience...and the camerman had none. This was being filmed for TNT Outdoor Explosion, but the footage never ran, so I took this clip out of it. You can...
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    Anniversary Weekend...with elk!

    Spent a couple days celebrating my 23rd Anniversary with my Wife, in the Northern California Redwoods. Did some great hikes through the Redwood Jungles, here\'s a shot of us in Fern Canyon: While coming off the mountain on one trail to the roadless area of the beach, I spotted a big Roosie...
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    Found some elk !

    Well, I went back up into Eastern Oregon to check a trail cam I set a couple months back. When I checked the trails, I found that the majority of the elk tracks were taking a different trail than the one I had set up. But, I did manage to get a cow and a calf on the cam. This is exciting for...
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    Scouted a New Area this Weekend

    I got a good tip from a patient of mine (who has many miles on his boots...he was the creator of several very popular Muley videos quite a few years ago). Fortunately, I only had to drive a little over four hours to get to the area he told me about. I checked the Northeast face of the rim...
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    Timber Elk Decoy- the Butt is Back!

    Elk Mentors, We finally received a new shipment of the Elk Mountain Timber Elk Decoy Slipcovers. This has been our number one selling decoy since 2010 (we sold out last Season). The Timber Elk (Butt) Decoy has several advantages: 1. Visible for long distances through lanes in timber...
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    Pulled my trail cam card after 3 months

    Got a few interesting critters besides just the normal blacktails and bears:

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