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    Deer of a Lifetime

    My hunting partner and good friend from back in Oklahoma, Cody Blundell got a crack at a buck he had over two years of trail camera pictures of. He was not the only person who had access to hunt the property so he kept this buck very low on the radar only telling a few close to him. Before...
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    My Uncle Got His KS Buck Back

    Here is a couple of pics of the final taxidermy of my uncle\'s KS archery buck from last year. The buck grossed 183 and netted 172 Pope and Young.
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    Prana Zion Solid Color Pants on Sale

    I\'ve heard a lot of good things about Prana Zion pants. Some hunting outlets are starting to carry them in their stock. I picked up two pairs today, $43 each and free two day shipping if you can catch your size. <!-- m --><a class=\"postlink\"...
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    New Headlamp - Fenix HL50 Headlamp

    I just picked up a new Fenix Headlamp this last week. I had lost my Princeton Tec headlamp last elk season and replaced it for the remainder of the season with a cheaper headlamp. I currently own a PD30 tactical flashlight that I carry in my truck and it has been a really solid light so after...
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    New Release

    I recently have been shopping for a new release. I actually have been in the market for a year or so but just recently started taking some action. I ordered a Carter Like Mike and an HTM inline last week. Shot them over the weekend and didn\'t really care for either. The Like Mike is a nice...
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    Nock Tuning

    Do you nock tune? If so, how do you personally do it and any recommendations?
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    GPS Chip

    I\'m in the market for a GPS chip (primarily Colorado and Wyoming). I\'m just starting to research the differences between what is out there. Looking for input on your thoughts, pros/ cons, preferences and why you selected the chip you did. Appreciate any input given.
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    Eastern Wyoming Whitetail Hunt

    This year I picked up a leftover Eastern Wyoming Whitetail tag (rifle tag) due to the fact I had some good private access and a friend inviting me to come along. Long story short, I did not make it out until this weekend due to other commitments. My friend Dan put his tag on a 170\" buck the...
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    Semi Live from Oklahoma Nov 6th - 10th

    Headed to Oklahoma to bowhunt the early part of the rut. Have meetings in Dallas through Thursday then headed up to my old stomping grounds in SE Oklahoma. Hoping to keep a semi-live updates throughout the hunt. Good luck to all getting out soon.
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    Oklahoma Buck

    Here is a buck a guy from back home killed in NE Oklahoma. This was opening weekend of muzzleloader season and Ray is strictly a gun hunter. Buck of a lifetime for sure.
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    Lessons Learned

    I was really looking forward to this elk season (being my fourth season) and going in with a total of about 15-20 days of total elk hunting in the previous three years still seeking to draw on my first elk. Of my three previous seasons I\'ve experienced successful hunts with my partners on the...
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    KUIU Load Strap

    Recently I purchased a KUIU load strap accessory for my Ultra model pack. I have a 3000 bag that I use and generally use this 50 lb sand bag for training. I was really intrigued when they put the load strap out there earlier this year. Very easy and fast to switch out. Anybody else use this...
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    Score this Buck

    I know, I know another score this buck thread. Alright, I\'ve watched this deer the last few weeks and obviously he is still growing and has time to grow. What do the hard core mule deer hunters here think he will end up score wise. Consider growth for another month through the end of August.
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    Show us Your Pack List

    Since it\'s that time of year, I\'m usually looking at honing my pack list by searches of past threads on the web. Last year, I did a 5 day spike camp and I was very comfortable during the whole trip. My pack rode well on trip in and I had enough of everything and did not end up with much more...
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    Collapsible Water Container

    I\'m currently looking for a collapsible water container for spike camping this year. I\'ve looked at the Platypus models but they seem to have mixed reviews on how well they seal. I\'ve looked at ebay as well and found some really inexpensive ones that look decent for $5-$15 dollars. Anyone...
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    Earlier this year I decided to pick up a Suunto heart rate monitor / watch. I\'ve really noticed a difference in how hard I push myself during cardio workouts while wearing it. The difference for me is that I really pick it up when I start to get into that \"comfort\" zone during a work out...
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    Spike Camp Food/ Meals

    Interested to see what everyone is doing for spike camp meals. Last year I did basic protein bars, peanut butter/ honey / bacon tortillas, crackers, clif bars throughout the day and a mountain house in the evening. Today I picked up several items including single serving MH\'s. Two servings is...
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    Power Station for Vehicle

    Anyone use a portable power station for battery jumping, air compression, charging, etc.? If so, what one do you use brand/ model? Looking to buy one as I had one save my bacon in 2011 that a friend had in his truck after I had a flat tire not noticed until 4 days after camping.
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    New Unit or Hunting Area - What are you looking for?

    When looking for a new unit or hunting area, what are you looking for? What are you looking for in terrain features, online searches and the statistics posted by the DOW or otherwise? Be interested to hear the responses. Thanks guys!

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