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    Is this file too large?!

    What is the Max file size for this site?
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    Photos gone missing?

    Not sure if it's only on my end but many of the photos posted in various threads are gone.  :help2:
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    Which game bags are you using for elk?

    I thought I had made a Big-Boy decision and bought Alaskan game bags. I thought they were decent bags but I guess my memory was askew...and I hated them. I am upgrading to something that will protect the meat, is strong, is washable, etc. The obvious choices are Caribou and Kuiu. Let me know if...
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    Meat care, from field to freezer?

    Sorry to repeat this but it's valuable to me to get as much perspective as possible. Input appreciated (don't feel obligated if you replied on the other forum...) I apologize if this is a repeat but I would like to learn from the experts. The simple facts: truck was at trail head, camp was 2...
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    Why I had to talk my son into hunting this wknd."Afraid we might shoot one!"

    I got an elk on 9/2 at 5:20 PM. We walked 15+ miles packing that thing out, all night long until 6:30 AM the next morning. Beaten down, battered, exhausted, starving, dehydrated, blistered and more sore than I'd ever been, we rolled into where we parked the truck and slept for 3 hours. After the...
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    Quiver on or off? Pack on or off?

    When you are hunting and in a setup, do you leave your quiver on your bow or do you take it off? How about your pack? I never take my quiver off while hunting and practice with it 100% of the time. I shoot regularly with my pack on so I am used to how how it feels. I make sure I don't have...
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    Camo face paint?

    Do you paint your face? Why or why not?
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    Reed Quiver by Bend-Able Products?

    My buddy sent me a photo of these. He bought some for four of us in elk camp this year as a gift to the group. No affiliation,  just passing on an interesting gadget. Can't wait to try them out. Has anyone used one?
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    Building ground blinds?

    I\'m taking my son up to do some recon and want to have some ground blinds in place for opening weekend. I\'m mainly looking at this for deer but since this is the most read and posted forum I\'m putting it here as I may be able to incorporate this for my elk unit as well next weekend. Any...
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    What hunting forums do you participate in the most?

    I really enjoyed this place as my first stop but the lack of topics is really bad now and makes it one of the last places I like to stop, which sucks because I\'ve received a LOT of good input from you all in the past. What are the other places you hang out online for hunting? I like Bowsite...
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    "Fixed" my old rangefinder, then gave it to my son

    As I was getting into hunting a few years ago I had to stay within my budget as I was outfitting myself and my son at the same time. Needless to say, it added up quickly! I was always on the lookout for used items that would work. One of those items was a rangefinder sent to me by member here on...
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    Coolers in the truck at trail head?

    Sorry for all the dumb questions but this pack in trip in September will be new to me. I have several coolers I was going to bring while hunting in the back country this fall. I don\'t have a topper for my truck nor do I plan on getting one. Is it necessary to lock them up at the trail head...
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    Tips for mule deer hunting?

    My son and I both drew deer tags this year and if you\'ve followed any of my past I have only ever shot one big game animal, a doe, and it was a few years ago. I got very lucky that she stood up from her bed at 21 yards, perfectly broadside, and didn\'t move. Boom, dead doe. But, I am here to...
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    Family Camping trip

    Took a gamble and went camping this weekend. Wanted to be home for the 4th for a neighborhood celebration otherwise could have stayed the week. We didn\'t make any reservations but my wife and daughter prefer to be near a vault toilet if possible. With the truck packed we headed off! To find a...
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    What archery release do you use?

    I use a Tru Ball Stinger that I bought used. I\'m thinking of upgrading to something more comfortable, with more padding in the wrist strap. This one has pretty thin pleather for the wrist strap and is pretty uncomfortable. I\'d like to try out the Tru-Fire Panic X as the wrist strap looks well...
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    Kuiu Outlet merch. not covered by warranty. Seeking advice.

    I was about to purchase the Kuiu 7200 pack and I found one in the Outlet section of their website for $75.00 off the normal price. I noticed in the disclaimer that it doesn\'t include their warranty if you buy from the Outlet section on their site. I have NEVER heard of this in my life! I have...
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    First backpacking trip W/ photos

    Went on our first backpacking trip. Pretty popular trail but we were the only people that camped out. I believe my wife\'s pack weighed around 45 pounds as she insisted to bring four huge bottles of Smart water. :lolno: My pack weighed 33 pounds with a full hydration pack and a liter...
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    Need some backpacking trip ideas

    I hate asking this as I know it\'s like asking for your Honey Hole for fishing or hunting (and I\'m not looking for your secret spots) but I\'d like some recommendations on good beginner backpacking areas along the front range. I\'d like to head out this weekend with my wife in tow and...
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    Any brand new elk hunters here? I\'m offering gifts!

    I\'m wondering if there are any brand new elk hunters on here or maybe some lurkers that might be planning their first elk hunt? If so, I have a gift for you! I\'m relatively new to hunting in general but have been at it for a few years now. When I first started asking questions online there...
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    Interesting video!

    Stumbled onto this video today. Incredible standoff, amazing with that much calling that the elk still came, and absolutely crazy ending! You can skip to 2:00. Enjoy: <!-- m --><a class=\"postlink\" href=\"\" onclick=\";return...

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