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    CO 2017 Leftover License Sales

    Today, one can purchase Colorado Big Game leftover licenses over the internet (yesterday was in person and telephone only). I was able to pick up a list B cow elk tag for 2nd rifle season, so check it out if you didn't draw a tag, or are looking for a list B or list C tag.
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    CO 2017 Leftover License Sales

    Today, one can purchase Colorado Big Game leftover licenses over the internet (yesterday was in person and telephone only). I was able to pick up a list B cow elk tag for 2nd rifle season, so check it out if you didn\'t draw a tag, or are looking for a list B or list C tag.
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    CO OTC w/Caps Bear tag obtained!

    I was able to be Johnny-on-the-spot this morning. CO OTC bear tags with caps went on sale this morning at 9am. I was able to get 1 of 15 archery bear tags for my elk unit that I drew into, so I\'m pretty happy. My two boys will be hunting with me for the first time this year too, but they...
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    CO 2017 Fall Turkey App Deadline July 13 2017

    Today, July 13th is the last day to submit your application for Colorado Fall Turkey hunting.
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    String bow for release practice

    I want to practice my backtension with the new Tru Ball Sweet Spot release I purchased. I choose the Sweet Spot, as I wanted to have the safety feature, so that I don\'t smack myself in the face when drawing the bow back. I\'ve heard of back tension releases without the safety and newbies...
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    Tough Times

    My oldest brother has been an alcoholic for several years. He was living in Seattle and lost his job due to drinking last October and hadn\'t done anything to get back on track. No seeking medical help, no applying for unemployment, nor looking for jobs. He would be out of money in a couple...
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    New Rifle from RMEF Raffle

    I was lucky enough to get a new rifle with one raffle ticket from this past Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Denver Banquet. Browning AB3 in 300 Win Mag. Now to save up for some rings and scope!
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    I\'ll have to wait 6 years...

    Called my taxidermist today and found out he not only forgot to submit my mountain goat score into the Pope and Young, but he forgot to measure it entirely. I guess he had to do it by last December in order to get in the P&Y book, since they only put out a book every 6 years. No biggie, I...
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    Moose Hike - I mean hunt...

    Sure felt like moose hiking in the end. Been tough to swallow not getting a CO moose, especially after I was able to harvest a CO mountain goat at 25yds a few days earlier. I have been reluctant to write about it since it still pains me being unsuccessful, but here is a recap. My brother...
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    2016 Colorado Mountain Goat Hunt

    All packed for 9 days in the backcountry. Glad this hunt is finally here. Almost to the hotel for tonight then drive to the trailhead in the morning and hike in. [/URL
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    Potential Sheep Hunt 2016

    So, one of my hunting partners just called me, and he has the opportunity to get a CO rifle sheep tag. A person that drew turned their tag in and my buddy is next in line. I explained how the weighted draw process works, and he will likely take the tag. I won\'t be able to help him - unless I...
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    This injury sucks...

    ...My Achilles tendonitis flared up bad today hiking - to the point where it feels like I may have torn something on the back of my heel. I hope not, I\'ll try to get to the Dr. and see what he says. My moose and mountain goat hunts are both backpack hunts - cannot drive to the units, so this...
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    New Bow

    I\'ve been wanting to get a recurve bow, and pulled the trigger today on a Custom Wapiti: For the last 2 months I have been working with the guys out at Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear here in Colorado. They\'ve been great in showing me proper shooting technique and allowing me to build...
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    Aurora CO Gander Mtn store moving sale

    For those in Colorado, the Aurora Gander Mountain store is closing and they\'re going to open up a new one in Parker Colorado in September. Lots of the hunting equipment is 40% off. I picked up four trail cameras that were normally $100 for 60 bucks each. There is still a good amount of gear...
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    One remodel project done - story in photos

    I remodeled my Aunt\'s bathroom, now maybe I can build some arrows! Oh wait - I have bathrooms to remodel at my house.
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    Colorado Mountain Goat Mount

    My buddy just received his Colorado mountain goat from the taxidermist, the day after I found I had a 500 series number for my CO mountain goat application in the same unit I helped him on this hunt. Pretty cool that he obtained his mount within hours after me finding out I drew my tag. Barry...
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    Early birthday present...CO archery Mtn Goat tag

    Looks like I\'m showing a 560 for my mountain goat tag looking at the Colorado back door! I\'m stoked and looking at my maps already! My birthday is this Friday, so I\'m feeling very lucky right now.
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    I won some great gear...

    A local archery shop here in Denver, No Limits Archery (owned by Phil Mendoza), is putting on a tournament catered towards bow hunting called the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge (Memorial Day Weekend). Phil did a giveaway where entrants had to share on Facebook the Alpha event and tag a friend. I...
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    My family is growing by two feet

    Wife\'s idea - the photo and caption that is! Going to be different - we only have one girl, my niece in our family. I have 5 brothers, no sisters and two nephews. I will likely skip applying for my high pref point CO archery elk tag this year, as the little one is due in early September.
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    WY Random Draw Question

    I need some help understanding the Random draw for WY elk. Let me know if my understanding below is correct. It seems a certain amount of tags will be allocated to the random draw for specific hunt areas. I believe these tags are then drawn as a true lottery, where preference points are not a...

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