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    Your Go To Plan

    I hunt from a base camp and mainly tree stand hunt. When the time feels right, I will do some calling. For me calling is partly scouting and partly hunting. If an area is good, I may haul a tree stand to a select location. What is your primary way of elk hunting, and do you have a backup style?
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    Ethical Kill Ratio

    Have you ever missed when shooting at game? Have you ever wounded, or killed an animal that you could not recover? Maybe you kept the ivories and antlers, but nothing else was salvageable. If you ever shot and missed, then there was a strong potential for wounding. I really don\'t want...
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    Tree Stand Hunter\'s Guide

    We have a caller\'s guide posted, and here is a similar printable guide for tree stand hunters. I have to give John the credit for coming up with the idea. I know it is our hope that we can help BTO elk hunters be more successful. I love the discussion and ribbing we can all identify with...
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    The Caller\'s Friend

    There are a lot of videos, DVD, books and other aides for callers out today. These did not exist when I first got started hunting elk. It was trial and error for me, with mostly an emphasis on error. The other day I helped in the development of a calling tutorial on another forum, for elk...
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    Merry Christmas

    Happy holidays to all on BTO. Have a merry Christmas and a lefse and lutefisk New Year. :D
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    Oh Bologna

    We are pretty good here at debating topics, and explaining both sides of a topic without going negative. Calling is an area where there is some considerable debate. I suppose it has to do with a number of factors. Maybe there are things you have been told about elk, or elk hunting that you...
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    Calling Discussion

    Ok-Ok. I admit that I was trying to start a debate about calling on newbie Ben\'s thread. Some think calling would enhance his chances, and I have said just the opposite. Here is my take on this matter: I agree Ben needs to start somewhere if he wants to call. Calling is certainly not the...
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    How much of a factor due you think genetics play into mature bull antler size? Here are a few of the things that could relate, that I have observed over the years. In the area where I hunt, there used to be some large herd bull. It was the best area in Oregon to kill a large bull. A 350 bull...
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    Out Of State Hunt

    The thought of hunting some totally new area and having an opportunity to shoot a second elk, in the same year, has always interested me. The things that hold me back are the cost, time involved, and ignorance of those other places. I could go scout some otc areas of Idaho or western Montana...
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    Ok, we have all seen some of Brad\'s (cnelk) tree stand pictures. The stands are all quite low to the ground to my way of thinking. I suspect his tall son can just about do chin ups on some of them. Well, maybe I exaggerate just a little there, but you get the idea. Where I hunt those stands...
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    Another Campfire Discussion

    This time of year most of us are back from out elk hunts, though not all. The coffee pot seems to get emptied pretty fast now with the short days, and hunters hanging around camp. Cnelk has his old Chevy serviced and ready again, and J.F. is playing computer guru. So, while we have the longer...
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    Christmas Wish List

    Christmas at our house is very special as we celebrate Jesus. Christmas is also a busy time. The hardest part for me is trying to find out what I can give my wife and family that is something they really want, and I can afford. The second hardest part, is thinking of something I really want...
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    Your Choice

    You are a good old hunter, and you know a thing or two. Your objective is to kill an elk, so just what will you do? Elk thrive on different lands. Far and wide they roam. If you choose to hunt one? How can you bring it home? There are gut check hunts whilst the temperatures do soar. There are...
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    How Long Do Your Diaphragms Last?

    How long do your elk call diaphragms last you normally? What do you do to keep them in good condition? I store mine in the basement, in a drawer. The humidity is higher here on the wet side of the Cascades, but not excessive. I have a dehumidifier in the basement that helps maintain the...
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    Your Scariest Experience

    It is almost Halloween, so lets talk. If you have the nerve, describe the scariest experience you have had in the forest, especially out elk hunting. I have three that vary in scope, but were all difficult or scary at the time. I will try to put them in order of the scariest. 1. This was...
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    What Is The Best Time?

    When do you believe is the best time to be out for elk, the way you hunt? Why? I prefer 7:00PM the evening of opening day for tree stand hunting. I also like 7:00 PM, midweek following opening day. I prefer hunting undisturbed or only slightly disturbed elk. Many hunters are only out for...
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    Picking A Unit

    A fellow asked me what to look for, as he needs to find a new place to elk hunt. He had tried a limited draw unit in another State, but had to use all of his points. I understand, it was his first elk hunt that he waited years for. Now he is addicted and wants to go annually. I suggested...
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    Am I The Only One Suffering?

    I just looked at my calendar and was repulsed by the months, weeks and days remaining before elk season starts over for me. I offered to help a neighbor pack out one, f he scores during the rifle season. Tat is all I have left to go on. Is anyone else going through withdrawals already, or is...
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    What Would You Have Done?

    This season I shot a big cow on September 9th. She came to water right in front of me. Just out of sight, about 60 yards away was a bull wallowing. I thought long and hard about waiting, as the bull sounded big when he bugled. I could not see him, or get out of my tree stand and sneak up on...
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    Broadhead Expectations

    I was reading some reviews on a broadhead I am interested. The broadhead is generally rated very high, but one complaint from a few reviewers puzzles me. The claim is that the broadhead is very sharp, accurate, one piece and flies great. Hunters get a lot of pass through kills, but some claim...

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