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    2017 Deer Meat Pole

    Please post your 2017 deer in here! Good luck to everyone this year. :upthumb:
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    2017 BTO Elk Meat Pole

    Please share all of your 2017 elk in here! Good luck everyone! <!-- s:upthumb: --><img src="/forums/Smileys/default//icon_thumbup.gif" alt=":upthumb:" title="Upthumb" /><!-- s:upthumb: -->
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    2017 BTO Elk Meat Pole

    Please share all of your 2017 elk in here! Good luck everyone! :upthumb:
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    I drew an antelope tag in Oklahoma in their controlled hunts! The best part is it bumps right up to my NM elk tag. So I\'ll be able to drive back from NM, stop in OK, hunt, and then drive home with hopefully some full coolers!
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    Had a fun Friday evening

    Elk burgers, quiet little pond, and some fishing. The gators came out to play once the sun came out ;)
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    What a couple crazy months

    Since March 1st it\'s been a VERY crazy couple months, but man has it been great. I had a quick 5 week overseas \"work trip\" where I was in some not so nice areas. I finished up my last three classes for my bachelors degree in Occupational Safety and Health, so I can FINALLY take a break. I...
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    I drew a sweet tag.....

    I drew a Valle Vidal NM turkey tag yesterday!!!!! I\'ve never been to the unit, but I\'ve hunted close to in and the area is so beautiful up there. I cannot wait to get back to NM for this hunt!!!!
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    It\'s coming guys.... Im getting so excited for it! I\'ll be starting off here in FL trying to fill some tags on two gobblers. I\'d really like to use my bow for both! Then I\'ll be heading off to New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas to shoot some more!!!! WHO ELSE IS PUMPED?
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    Man... this gets dangerous.

    I pretty much have all the gear I need for hunting. With that being said, I start buying stuff from the want list verse the need list!!! Here is another toy to pair with my new Tactacam... I can\'t wait to use it!!!
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    Bollocks! (not a kill thread... YET)

    While most seasons are coming to an end, down here in the Florida panhandle things are just starting to pick up. Having just moved down here in October I was a bit excited and nervous to try hunting a new area. I knew I was going to be at a disadvantage coming down here 10 days before the season...
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    Tactacam 4.0

    I recently purchased the tactacam 4.0 with the bow stabilizer attachment. Honestly I\'m pretty excited to test this camera out in 2017. What I like about it so far over the GoPro is how it\'s not a fisheye look, it has some zoom, and it\'s super quiet and easy to turn on and off. They also...
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    New Mexico Applications

    New Mexico applications are now open and will remain open until March 22. If anyone has any questions about the draw process, please let me know!
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    Live from the.......

    Hospital. I wish I was in a stand, but it\'s almost time. We have our thirty-nine and a half week check up today. Approx due date is Jan 2nd. It\'s getting close!
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    BTO live

    Hey all, With it being the off season for most, would anyone be interested in some BTO live topics coming back? If so, what are some topics you would like to talk about? Let me know what you think!!!
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    With the baby coming soon and the massive overflow of family coming to visit, I\'ll be MIA for the next few weeks. I hope you and your families enjoy the holidays, have fun, and be safe. I can\'t wait to start another year of BTO with you all and look forward to kicking ourselves back into...
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    2017 season what did you do today/workout

    We\'ve already had two successful years of running this thread and having lots of participation. Well, 2017 is going to sneak up here soon, so it\'s time to start thinking about 2017 workout plans, goals, and more!!!!!! Did you achieve your goals going into 2016\'s season? Did you find out...
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    Look what I found today :D

    I need to find this buck!
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    It\'s becoming real!

    Im currently putting together kids toys....a nursery... and loading up on diapers and wipes! This is all going to get pretty interesting here soon. :shock: Any last minute advice? :D
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    Not a bad start

    This is a shed I found yesterday in a spot I plan on hunting in Florida. I would say this is a very nice deer for Florida and for the area! It\'s got some neat stuff going on.
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    I wanna make a video like this.... (antelope breakdown)

    I really enjoy watching people do recovery videos and stuff like this video. (posted below) They are unscripted, unstaged, and just fun to watch!

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