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    Shed Hunting

    Anybody started shed hunting yet (except Dan, he never stops)? I\'ve been a couple of times but I\'m still getting pics of bucks with both sides here in southern Missouri. I did find one Friday.
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    Guess this pic

    Anybody know what this pic is?
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    Short Trap Line Catches

    Couple of weeks ago I set out 8 traps on my 40 acres. I don\'t do it for the fur, just think it may save a fawn or two this spring. Since I put them out our ground has been frozen hard nearly every morning and with my farm being wetlands,the ground just crusts over an inch or two deep. This...
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    75 Years Ago Today

    Just a reminder that 75 years ago we suffered one of our darker days. From that day we learned that our greatest generation emerged and secured this country\'s freedom as well as liberating many others. If you should be so lucky to know a WW II veteran, please remember to thank them. Sadly...
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    Backpacking Stoves

    Any preferences on backpacking stoves? If so why?
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    How Do You Practice?

    I\'m late on my practice regimen and struggling a bit with my practice routine. I\'m shooting a whole new setup and some days I\'m on but others not so much. My normal routine is to take 5 arrows and just scatter them all over the yard at various distances and walk my way in shooting. I\'m...
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    Big Night

    Last night my one and only child graduated. He will soon be moving off to college. It was a proud moment for his mother and I but a little sad as well. Time has went by so fast! Seems like yesterday I was taking him on his first deer hunt, now he competes in archery tournaments in multiple...
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    Sight Advice

    Looking to get a new CBE sight. It will be a Tek Hybrid Pro (slider). I\'m debating on 3 or 5 pins. I have always hunted with a 5 pin sight. I want the slider option so I can practice longer distances. If I go with a 3 it would give a cleaner view and I could have a 30, 40 and 50 yard pin. That...
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    Arrow Rests

    I have been using a Ripcord Ace but had nothing but problems with it. It finally gave up the ghost and I bought a new rest that appeared to be well designed and rugged. Turned it would tune so I went with a whisker biscuit. So far it seems to be as accurate as any fall away I\'ve shot and the...
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    Kuiu 30% off

    19-22 November, Kuiu has everything on sale 30% off.
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    Back Tension Releases

    Anybody shoot or hunt with a back tension release. I tried one the other day and it seemed like it had the potential to improve my shooting. My son who is a very good archer swears by them. Anybody tried hunting with one or have any thoughts on it?
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    Decided on a new bow

    I have kicked around the idea of shooting a smaller lighter bow next season. I am currently shooting a Bowtech Insanity CPXL. It\'s long and heavy but it tunes and shoots very well. After looking at PSE very closely and traveling to a few shops in Arkansas to shoot some, I have decided on a PSE...
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    Both eyes open

    I shoot a left handed bow but I\'m right eye dominant. I was goofing off and thought I would try shooting with both eyes open. I think it may help, this was my third group from 30 yards.
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    Anybody got any experience with a Kuiu Icon Pro 1850. I\'m currently using an Eberlestock X2 for a daypack and would like to go with something lighter but still capable for packing out a quarter should I kill or one of my partners kill. I am also looking at a Badlands 2200 and tried one of...
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    PSE Decree

    Okay, I\'ve been shooting a Bowtech Insanity CPXL for several years and love it! I\'m very confident with it but it is kind of heavy. It is also long and it seems like when I sit down on a log or rock to do some calling I have to be very aware of limbs getting between the string and cams...
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    My Little Piece of the Mountains

    Here\'s a little aspen I brought back from Colorado last fall. It lived. :clap:
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    I haven\'t been on here a lot in awhile. I started back to college and that\'s taking up some time. I\'m in the process of retiring from active duty and that was somewhat unexpected. I am having to jump through quite a few hoops to make it happen. I accepted a job with the U.S. Forest...
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    HTM Inline Release

    I\'m kind of a release junkie. I\'ve shot a ton of different releases. I\'ve been shooting a Scott Wolf and shoot it pretty decent. My son is current shooting a Stan ???? no idea what model. Too expensive for me to lose in the woods and I had rather have something strapped to my wrist. I...
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    Big Thank You to GCHC!

    Thanks to Troy for taking the time to send me some calling tips and taking the time to listen to my attempts at bugling. I appreciate the help. I have to say this about his reeds, I absolutely wear out at least 3 diaphragms during a 3 week spring turkey season. The reeds I bought from him last...
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    Anybody having trouble sending PMs?

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